What is Meningitis

This disease can be fatal and should always be considered a medical emergency Amy**, a 4 year old girl suffered fever, ‘rash’, headache and […]

The Dyslexic Child : 3 Facts about Learning Languages

  3 FACTS ABOUT LEARNING LANGUAGES : DYSLEXIA AND LEARNING NEW LANGUAGES By Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) ‘s – Lois Lim BM – Particularly […]

What Makes a Champion

THE KITE STORY – A PARENTING ANALOGY Many parents have their own definition of a champion but one thing we know for sure is […]

Imaginative Play with Barbie

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE – THE IMPORTANCE OF IMAGINATIVE PLAY  Almost all mamas my generation grew up playing Barbie dolls. Some mothers feel that the […]

Omega 3 – Essential or Critical Fatty Acids

ENSURE A BALANCED DIET – CORRECT YOUR OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID DEFICIENCY Latest findings show that the average population in developed countries gets less […]