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By Kristine Ong

“Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever” Walt Disney

Disney’s Dreamworks Animation has collaborated with IKEA to bring their new play collection LATTJO (due out in IKEA stores starting November 1) to life in a series of 25 animated short stories that celebrate and expand the imaginative worlds of the LATTJO characters.

The teaser, released on 21 October  introduces you to this world, where anything can happen, as well as some of the characters in the series which are inspired by insects, roots, animals and vegetation, appear in different parts of the collection. The animated stories show a host of diverse characters in unique and often hilarious situations inside their newly expanded worlds.

Ernst the Eagle is scared of heights and the go-getter Root Queen is stuck with a security team of bats. In the funhouse a quirky wizard trying to create spells to make play happen, and a vegetarian vampire who prefers board games is forced to manage Mu, a 7 year old newly set free hyperactive mummy extremely eager to play tag.

The first videos will be available in November on the IKEA global YouTube channel, with more rolling out through spring 2016.

Maria Thorn, range manager of Ikea’s children’s department, said that Ikea’s research showed that both children and parents want to play more together. “We have seen that 50% of all adults want to find their inner child,” she said in a statement.

With LATTJO, a collection that´s all about inspiring young and old to play together, all the time, everywhere, and a wide range of games and toys, spanning from active play via indoor and role play to music, a recipe book for play and an app for playing together even when apart, everyone can create their own once upon a time.

Play is contagious. Play it forward. Play it now!


Clare Eastwood

Clare Eastwood

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