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Isetan Opening Sake Breaking

Kagami biraki ceremony, from L to R: Ms Koay Bee Fong (Isetan Singapore Limited), Dr Shaw Vee Meng (Shaw Organisation) and Mr T. Hashizume (Isetan Singapore Limited). (Photo credit: Isetan Singapore)

Reflections of True Japanese Tradition

Isetan Singapore celebrated the Grand Opening of its newly reopened and refurbished Isetan Scotts Supermarket last Friday, 6 May 2016. Isetan Scotts Supermarket reopened with an exclusive event and we were treated with a tour of the supermarket and sampling of the myriad of Japanese goodies Isetan is known to offer.

Kyushu Drum Performance

Isetan Scotts reopening

Ever experienced an intense, exhilarating drum performance from Japan? We have the pleasure of meeting the young drummers from Kyushu who are full of energy and conviction at the grand opening of Isetan Scotts Supermarket this evening.

What’s at Isetan Scotts Supermarket 

Johan Bakery

Isetan Scotts reopening

You’ve not tasted Japan if you haven’t tried something with matcha. Right at the entrance of newly opened Isetan Scotts Supermarket is Johan Paris, a Japanese-French bakery that offers unique bread choices and of course, the Matcha Chocolate bread.

Sweet Potato Cake

Isetan Scotts reopening

Made with 100% sweet potato grown in Kagoshima, the Sweet Potato Cake from Isetan Scotts Supermarket is your healthier option for tea. Taste the natural sweetness of sweet potato, while enjoying the fluffy texture of a cake.

Dessert Corner

Isetan Scotts reopening

Isetan Scotts reopening

Sweeten special occasions with a wide selection of pastries at Isetan Scotts Supermarket made of ingredients directly imported from Japan, the land of delightful desserts (not just sushi). Their best-selling items include legendary strawberry cakes and apple pies.

Flowers Corner

Isetan Scotts reopening

Isetan Scotts reopening

There’s a special lady who deserves flowers more than your valentine. Surprise someone in the world with fresh bundles of Japanese flowers readily available at Isetan Scotts Supermarket.

The new Isetan Scotts Supermarket reflects a truly contemporary Japanese design but hints the vibe of a luxury kitchen. Renowned design companies from Tokyo, Nonscale Co. and SEMBA were responsible for its interior design and refurbishments, making our shopping experience an enjoyable one.  So drop by today!


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