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Thermo-sensitive ink that disappears when subjected to heat generated by friction.

Imagine you accidentally highlighted a portion of a page and need to clean it up.  Fret not!  Pilot Pen’s Pilot FriXion series is the answer to your prayers! The Pilot FriXion series (pens and highlighter pens) is able to undo your mistakes and erase the writings (or highlighted) like it was not even there!

Following the increasing popularity of the Pilot FriXion series globally, Pilot Pen continues to brighten up our lives with the latest addition of six new soft pastel colours to the PILOT FRIXION LIGHT highlighter collection including:

* Soft Green
* Soft Orange
* Soft Blue
* Soft Yellow
* Soft Purple
* Soft Pink


Pilot Frixion series is popular with parents and kids for it’s erasable thermo-sensitive ink technology, helping parents in their work and also teaching kids.

As part of Pilot’s ubiquitous FriXion series, the highlighter collection shares the same unique ground-breaking thermo-sensitive ink technology that facilitates highlighting and erasing by friction (at 65°C). Perfect for everyday use at work, school or home, the PILOT FRIXION LIGHT is a unique highlighter that removes mistakes on our document by simply erasing highlighted sections with the debris-free end-stub!

The Pilot FriXion Light series comes n a total of 12 different colours and is available at all leading stationary retailers. Each Pilot FriXion Light pen retails for S$1.10 each, with sets of threes and six retailing at S$3.30 and S$6.60 (all prices before government’s Goods and Services Tax).

Note: Pilot Pen advises against the use of Pilot FriXion ink on documents which require writing to be permanent writing in nature such as legal documents, examination papers and cheques.


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Katherine Sng

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