Hot! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 60th Outlet at Marine Cove


Opening it’s 60th outlet at Marine Cove,the 4500 square feet Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet is the first family oriented outlet.  Facing the sea with a fantastic seaview, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has brought the LA Venice beach feel to our shores by integrating the vintage Venice beach with the the new age deco.

The Marine Cove outlet is the biggest outlet in Singapore with best location at Marine Cove near to a huge playground where it is convenient for adults and children to enjoy their coffee dose (adults), their yogurt (substitute for ice-cream) and The Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf’s special menu.


Walkway has a long canopy to shade the alfresco area


Yogurt Station


Yogurt Station


Yogurt Station


Yogurt Station


Happiness in a cup


Alfresco area is designed for comfort so that we can enjoy our coffee and also watch our little bubbas play at the same time


Ceiling Deco


Yogurt Bar


To meet the needs of a bubba, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has also designated an area for them to keep them occupied while we enjoy our cup of coffee.  The activity room for kids can accommodate up to 10 kids at the same time.


The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Marine Cove activity room


Activity room for bubba


Activity room for bubba


Shoes and scooters are parked before entering the activity room


Baby Chairs are available on request

Special menu is only available at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Marine Cove for now.  The menu may be replicated at other outlets.

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Kids meal Spaghetti Meat Ball (S$6.50) – a staple among children for their carbs and protein. Kids who love to eat spaghetti will definitely it.


Kids meal Mac & Cheese (S$5.50) – taste as better than it looks, one of the bubba at our tasting finished it.


Kids meal Chicken nugget – children always love nuggets, so this was finished before the adults had a chance to nag at them to eat.


Kids meal Chicken Fingers (S$6.50) – the fries which came with it actually taste quite good.  The chicken fingers are not oily and is pretty lean, hence it is slightly tough – still taste alright enough for kids to finish.


Garden Salad (S$9.50) – refreshing salad with strawberry, cranberry, cucumber, asparagus topped with tropical passion tea infused vinaigrette.


Classic Egg Benedict (S$13.00) – Eggs Benedict on thick toast is served with brew of the day coffee, tea or ice coffee, free refills till 11:00am


Prawn Aglio Alio Spaghetti (S$13.50) – a hint of chilli and parsley in olive oil gives the spaghetti an asian touch.


Seafood Pasta Spaghetti (S$15.00) – Tiger prawns, scallop, mussels with rich tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.


Salmon Bagel (S$12.50) – served with brew of the day coffee, tea or ice coffee, free refills till 11:00am


Washroom area


Parking is free for limited time


Tip: bring your Bubbas on a weekday when it’s not so crowded like the weekend. Not forgetting the heat, go around 430pm onwards. Warning: the metal benches around the playground can get pretty hot so make sure the bubbas don’t touch them, they can get burnt!


Expect fun times!

Click HERE for more pictures.


Address: 1000, East Coast Parkway, #01-01, Singapore 449876.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8:00am to 10:00pm | 24 hours on Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holiday.

Private party room can accommodate up to 30 Pax for 2 hours with a minimum spending of S$300 subsequent S$100 per hour (weekday) | S$400 subsequent S$150 per hour (weekend).


We are giving a a plush bear and $50 dining from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf card.

Each winner is entitled to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf card with $50 stored value and a plush bear.  After giveaway ends, we will contact you for your personal details including email address and contact number.

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