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Gone are the days, mothers like us struggle with a bad back carrying our ‘work’ everywhere we go.  The new Surface Pro 3 is tablet that can replace our laptops and is only 800g and is just 9.1mm thin (almost similar to an iPad!). The tablet surpasses our expectations and outperforms other tablets with the following qualities:

  • Power- 4th-generation Intel Core Processor, up to 8 GB of RAM, 9 hours of web-browsing battery life.  Good for using as inflight entertainment when we travel with our bubbas or for ourselves;
  • Vivd Color- bigger beautiful 12″ full HD screen, great for us to watch Korean drama and or youtube videos for cooking, beauty etc;
  • Great speakers with Dolby enhanced sound so we don’t need to use headphones unless we need it;
  • MicroSD card , Mini DisplayPort and full-size USB 3.0 port- this allows us to expand music and movie library and share between devices;
  • Full PC thinnest keyboard with magnetic lock and has back lighting enabled (now we can still use the tablet in the dark). Available in 5 colors- red, purple, blue, black and cyan;
  • Switches off when we stop typing to save battery life and switches off when cover is closed;
  • Kickstand and cover- more improved and intuitive, it is more adjustable and is able to accomodate a smooth transition from a laptop to a tablet in a snap.  The double-fold hinge enable us to magnetically lock it to the display’s lower bezel, keeping everything in place as we work comfortably on our lap or the desk.  How convenient is that? Working from the desk to the sofa comfortably without having to adjust much.
  • Color-calibrated screen- multitouch input, so we can swipe and pink and drag whenever we need, we can even write an email while bubba is playing a game on the other half of the screen.
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12″ Full HD display- good for reading magazines and comics.

  • Connectivity- optional Surface Ethernet Adapter enables us to instantly connect our Surface Pro 3 to a wired Ethernet network for transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps;
  • Doodling- aluminum pen (stylus) connected by Bluetooth, starts the screen by clicking, like a pen easy to write.  It feels like a fountain pen and opens to OneNote and sync to the cloud with one simple click;
  • Real time connection- 2 tablets connecting and writing via the pen when they are connected via wi-fi.  Sharing notes, or love notes to our partner like instant messaging is enabled;
  • PC interchangeably perfect for everyone- play games, read magazine, watch videos;
  • Multi tasking for productivity- great for families with multiple-user accounts and family safety to keep children safe;
  • Programs and apps- run Office 365 Windows, integrateed Skype, OneDrive, Bing search, Internet Explorer and Outlook.  Free 15GB oneDrive storage with every Microsoft account (or 1Tb worth every Office 365 subscription).
Available for pre-order at Microsoft Online Store now.  Pre-order at authorized retailers Harvey Norman, 
Challenger and Newstead begins 4 July 2014.
Standard Retail Price: S$1,108 (Intel Core i3, 64 GB & 4 GB of RAM) - S$2,698 (Intel Core i7, 512 GB & 8 GB of RAM)
* Surface Pro Type Cover, S$183
* Additional Surface Pen, S$73
* Additional 36W Power Supply, S$108
* Additional Pen Loop, S$8
* Docking Station for Surface Pro 3, S$288
* Surface Ethernet Adapter, S$58
Note: Student from certified MOE institutions will receive 10% discount on Surface device and accessories 
through the Microsoft Online Store.


Katherine Sng

Katherine Sng

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  1. Sue Phillips Coletta

    Because it has Microsoft Office you can write novels on it, right? I have the Chromebook. It's very light and portable BUT Google docs is horrible for writers. It has a word limit of 50K words. One Drive I can and do use for novel writing, BUT with the auto-save feature it constantly interrupts my flow. And, I live on a mountain so internet tends to be spotty. With the auto-save whenever there's a hiccup in the internet I lose all my changes! It's great for a second, not a first computer. Surface sounds great IF it has the capabilities of novel writing.

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