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With such a popular Musical coming to town and bringing with it the International Cast from the UK, everyone becomes a critic as they tell us that it is a magnificent must-see musical, of course we are all eager to witness Mamma Mia in Singapore for ourselves, but just what level of awesomeness can you expect!?

With opening night of Mamma Mia in Singapore on Thursday 13 November, we simply had to be there to witness this exceptional musical for ourselves. We went along with our Bubba to get his refreshing review too.

From the moment we sit in the audience, we are transported to a sunny Greek island. Crystal clear waters are echoed into the colours of the set and we cannot wait for Mamma Mia to begin.

As Sophie (played by Niamh Perry) mails the wedding invitations to her 3 possible fathers, we sit back and let the whole show take us on an emotion-filled journey.  We are carried from the heartache of a daughter never knowing her father, the mother-of-the-bride’s worry at the possibility of losing her daughter in marriage, to the hilarious attempts of the wedding party to keep it all together, and happiness and new beginnings as the story ends; Mamma Mia has it all!

But don’t just take our word for it, for those who are thinking should they or should they not take the kids along, let’s hear what our Bubba, Edward has to say –

The best musical I have ever seen, I so enjoyed my experience of being in the audience to watch Mamma Mia in Singapore. I’ve seen the movie 3 times already and couldn’t wait to see the ‘real-life’ show. I thought the actors on stage were great in their roles, I felt as if I was really in Greece and living the build up to Sophie’s big day. Not one single bit of the whole show was bad, it was all excellent! My favourite song is ‘Mamma Mia’ and when the whole cast came back on to sing it at the end, that was just the BEST! It was so good when the audience got up to dance at the end; me and my Mum danced to ‘Dancing Queen’ (it’s my Mum’s favourite song). I was so happy to have seen it and want to tell all my friends to go see the Mamma Mia show while it’s in Singapore

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The exceptional voice of Donna (played by Sara Poyzer) absolutely nails every note. Her singing is filled with the power and emotion of each song perfectly. Casting is fabulous and the vibe between Donna and her friends, Rosie (played by Sue Devaney) and Tanya (played by Geraldine Fitzgerald) is so true to life of a lifetime friendship that we feel their ‘togetherness’. Both Rosie and Tanya bring the laughter, and when Rosie makes her proposal for Bill (played by Michael Beckley) to ‘take a chance’ on her, I dare say everyone laughed out loud…she is fabulous!

So, who hasn’t seen Mamma Mia the movie and cringed at the singing voices within?  But when Sam (played by Richard Standing) took his turn at vocals, we were more than pleasantly surprised. The voice and emotions in his singing voice as well as his acting skills makes him a favourite with us.

We’ve only mentioned a few names but truly, the whole cast is perfect and together they make this Mamma Mia Singapore season an absolute ‘must-see’!

There is no need question why people go back again and again to see this award-winning musical and, due to overwhelming demand for tickets, the Mamma Mia Singapore season has been extended until 14 December 2014.

Tickets are available through BASEMarinaBaySands, sistic



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