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superpark singapore review

Finnish “SuperPark” at Suntec City Singapore

If you have an active Bubba and is looking for a place to expense out the endless energy, SuperPark is THE PLACE to visit do just that! Located in Suntec City (and easily accessible by train), boasting about 40,000 square feet and 2 levels of play areas, SuperPark Singapore is not only for the kids […]

iuigi store products

Iuiga Store Offers Parents the Best for Less Prices

We’ve heard the pitch before, about how practically every branded item you buy these days come out from a handful of factories in China. The markups in the Iuiga store, as a product, go from the factory to the branding stage, to the logistics partner, and then finally to the retailer push prices up by […]

Specially for Mums

Travel Indonesia: 4WD Off-Road Adventure in Sleman, Yogyakarta

If you are keen on a thrilling offroad adventure ride that is coupled with cultural sights of Yogyakarta, a Jeep Adventure ride might just be what you are looking for. When you think Yogyakarta, you can’t help but think of the iconic Borobudur temple or underground caving experiences. The truth though as many locals will […]

travel in indonesia: the cultural sights of solo

Travel in Indonesia: The Cultured Sights of Solo, Central Java

With its rich history and diverse cultures, Indonesia has much to offer as an attractive tourist destination. Especially, for those who look to have a unique and immersive experience in a different country. It is however a country that’s made up of over 17,500 islands, and for many travellers. The question that is asked is […]

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