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Is Homeschooling for Me and My Child?

In some places homeschooling is not allowed. In some places it is highly regulated. In other places there are minimum state standards or no standards. The United States is a hodgepodge from no regulations to strict regulations. In Germany homeschooling is illegal! Homeschooling is slowing becoming a popular educational option for families in Singapore. Homeschooling is […]


6 Tips for Kids Staying Safe Online

The internet has changed the way we communicate. We’re able to access information quickly and connect with people around the world. But it does have its risks. Many kids and young people have experienced the internet’s darker side with its inappropriate content, misinformation, and cyber bullying to name just a few. We are faced with […]

Specially for Mums


Recipe: Tom Yum Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)

If you can’t get enough of Thai food and spicy soup, the Tom Yum Bee Hoon is just the right dish to serve up at dinner or bring to pot lucks or gatherings. You get all the carbs you need and it goes well with any other dishes. So grab a tom yum paste that […]


Recipe: Step by Step Homemade Kimchi

We love anything that is fermented! Simply because every fermented food has different strains of probiotics and enzymes. Having a variety of them can help to have better gut health! Why eat fermented food Enzymes – increase enzyme content helps us to absorb nutrients, reducing the need for vitamins and supplements. Probiotics – good bacteria […]

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