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Fun & Educational Activities At The Singapore Science Centre

It’s not everyday that we get to have fun while learning. This coming weekend, why not spend some quality family time with your little ones while learning some new quirky scientific facts? Check out Science Centre Singapore as they are presenting us a slew of digital-focused, STEM-based events that will continue to inspire and engage […]


Have Fun at Home With Activities From Nickelodeon Academy Of Smarts

The school holidays are coming up pretty soon and we are all grounded due to COVID-19. We can keep the kids occupied and entertained.

Specially for Mums


Skincare Must-Haves To Combat Mask-ne

While the wearing of face masks helps protect us and those around us, some of us may have found that this new everyday essential can cause unpleasant breakouts known as ‘mask-ne’. Here are some skincare must haves that may help us stay safe while also keeping our skin fresh and clean. What is Mask-ne? The […]


Recipe: Tom Yum Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)

If you can’t get enough of Thai food and spicy soup, the Tom Yum Bee Hoon is just the right dish to serve up at dinner or bring to pot lucks or gatherings. You get all the carbs you need and it goes well with any other dishes. So grab a tom yum paste that […]

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