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myFirst Introduces a New Smartwatch and Digital Frame for Grandparents to Join the Circle


The Singaporean kids-tech company, myFirst, is enhancing the joy of family interactions through significant enhancements to its children’s social community app, myFirst Circle. Available on both myFirst’s smartwatch and mobile app, myFirst Circle 2.0 introduces a range of engaging features, such as Momojis, allowing children to express their emotions through animated emojis, and Knock-Knocks, enabling immediate video or photo responses to parents’ online prompts. Additionally, a new intelligent location tracking and categorization feature provides parents with real-time insights into their children’s activities, offering continuous peace of mind throughout the day.

New and Updated myFirst Fone R2

R2 in Five Colors
R2 in Five Colors

In conjunction with myFirst Circle 2.0, myFirst is launching its newest kid-friendly smartphone, the myFirst Fone R2, featuring a more streamlined and lightweight design. It showcases a brilliantly bright AMOLED screen, driven by an updated processor for enhanced speed and decreased power usage. The combination of an auto ambience light sensor and a low-powered AMOLED display collaborates to achieve a 20% reduction in power consumption by dynamically adjusting screen brightness according to ambient light conditions and consuming power only when pixels are illuminated.

Connecting Generations with myFirst Frame


myFirst Frame seamlessly synchronizes with the myFirst Circle app on various compatible devices, presenting personalized content feeds shared by loved ones. This enhances a distinctive and tailored user experience. Specifically designed to empower grandparents, myFirst Frame establishes effortless connectivity to their grandchildren’s digital realm, providing more than just a conventional digital frame. Beyond passive viewing, grandparents can actively engage and interact with the posts shared by their family on the myFirst Circle platform.

Running on FrameOS, myFirst Frame goes beyond the capabilities of conventional frames. Instead of merely displaying photos and videos, it instantly presents the most recent updates from your family and friends as soon as they are posted. This establishes a more interactive and connected experience with the digital world of your grandchildren connecting the social ecosystem that brings families closer together in the digital age.


myFirst Circle is free and available on AppStore, Google Play & Huawei App Gallery. myFirst Fone R2 is priced at SGD 299, myFirst Frame Doodle is priced at SGD 139, myFirst Frame Live is priced at SGD 149. For more information, please visit https://myfirst.tech/.


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Katherine Sng

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