woman waking up with healthy skin after using LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

Wake Up to Healthy Skin with the Reformulated LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX

There are so many factors that affect our skin on a daily basis, so it’s essential that we have the right skincare regimen to help keep our skin protected and hydrated. While we can’t help being exposed to pollutants, stress, lack of sleep and at times, improper nutrition, we can still find our way back […]

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Gua Sha: The Latest Beauty Tool And What You Need To Know

Touted as a “natural botox”, Gua Sha is a technique used in traditional East Asian medicine and it is the latest rising star among the numerous self-care and skin-boosting techniques. It is often used to treat muscle pain and tension, but how well do these strange looking pieces of jade and contraptions with rollers actually […]

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Japanese Drugstore Products – KOSÉ Cosmeport

Japan’s leading drugstore brand has finally arrived on our sunny shore and is here to upgrade your vanity trove. Je l’aime FULVOS  Je l’aime is a non-silicone hair series that’s gentle on hair while giving full consideration to the health of your scalp and hair. Created using the same approach as fragrances, all Je l’aime […]

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