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Leading French Cosmetics Brand NUXE Relaunches in Singapore

NUXE product

NUXE, one of the leading French cosmetics brands in pharmacies is back in Singapore. Since its foundation in the 1990s, by the bold and visionary entrepreneur Aliza Jabès, NUXE has grown, under her leadership, from a small Paris-based research laboratory to an international “love brand” that has won the hearts of millions of women all over the world. Her first success product, the iconic Huile Prodigieuse®, launched in 1991, is now No.1 in the oil category in French pharmacies*.

NUXE has its own research laboratory and factory in France, where it can express all its expertise to create effective and ultra-sensorial face and body care products, based on patented botanical active ingredients.

For a spectacular beauty regime, the range of NUXE skincare means that you can choose the hydrating face cream, anti-ageing cream and body wash best suited to your age and skin type. All of their face creams and anti-ageing creams are made up of a unique selection of active ingredients extracted from plants. Each NUXE cream is a real joy to use, thanks to the sumptuous textures and enchanting aromas.

NUXE Environmental Commitments

Protecting nature.

Conserving natural resources is a major concern for NUXE. This approach is reflected at each step of the design process for their skincare products, from the selection of natural active ingredients to packaging and formulation.

The art of sourcing

The geographical origins of active ingredients in NUXE skincare products are fully traceable. Furthermore, the brand is committed to prioritising crops over wild harvesting and prohibit the use of CITES regulated materials (protected plant species).

Responsible formulation

NUXE is designing rinse-off formulas that are more than 80% biodegradable, to limit the environmental impact of their products. They do not use plastic microbeads in their exfoliators (in compliance with regulatory requirements), but only natural-origin exfoliant particles.

Their formulated products are also kind to animals: formulas are vegan and do not contain any ingredients or derivatives of animal origin (except for Rêve de Miel® which contains hive derivatives) and they do not carry out animal testing, in compliance with current European cosmetic regulations.

Responsible packaging

NUXE’s environmental commitment also applies to their product packaging, thanks to their exclusive eco-designed 50-mL jars made from recycled materials, with optimised weight. According to a life cycle study conducted in 2018, these eco-designed 50-mL glass jars generate yearly savings in terms of resources equivalent to water consumption by a single French person over a two-year period(1), the destruction of 244 trees(2) and emissions from a car making 28 trips around the world(3).

*Source: IMS Health – PEC Sell-Out Pharmacy and Parapharmacy – Body moisturizing oils market for women in France – year 2015 – in volume and value.

Very rose – Very effective, very gentle

VERY ROSE cleansers and make-up removers contain only the essentials: in other words, a small number of ingredients, of which over 95% are of natural origin (1). The star ingredient in these vegan formulas is Rose Floral Water (Rosa Damascena). It is obtained through steam distillation of whole roses. This botanical hydrolate provides softness and soothing for all skin types, and are the ideal products for sensitive skin.

VERY ROSE offers the perfect compromise between high effectiveness and respect for skin’s natural balance, in formulas with a physiological pH(2) close to that of the skin. NUXE research has carefully selected the most appropriate cleansing agents to ensure effective removal of everyday impurities from the skin whilst preserving its eco-system: this has been demonstrated by a quantitative study comparing skin flora before and after 28 days of use(3).

For an even gentler action, they are combined with a Skin-Respect Complex consisting of 100% botanical origin Moisturising Sugars. These sugars are capable of capturing and trapping water deep within the skin, as well as increasing the skin’s water reserves. They, therefore, have a moisturising effect and reinforce the function of the skin barrier.

aquabella®- The purity of fresh and natural skin

More than just beauty trends, the new combination skincare regime gives you fresh, clear skin. A three-step routine specifically designed for combination skin, with moisturising of White Waterlily and the exclusive skin-beautifying, NUXE patented “Natural Blur Complex”*. The skin’s quality is visibly enhanced and mattified, creating a radiant and dewy complexion.

Crème Fraîche ® de Beauté – Nourishing for all skin type

Women with sensitive skin are looking for a skincare routine that is both hydrating and soothing. It is for them that the NUXE Laboratory has reinvented the Crème fraîche ® beauty range in a unique combination of plant milks and seaweed extracts.

Under this enchanting and original name, it is a whole range of anti-pollution moisturizers that ensure continuous hydration of all layers of dehydrated skin for 48 hours *. Its new formula offers the skin of the face a real shield against pollution and a soft feeling of soothing. Each product in the range provides exceptional pleasure of use thanks to voluptuous textures with delicious scents.

Fill your skin, introduce it to the Crème fraîche ® de beauté.

Merveillance® Expert – Anti-aging

Merveillance® Expert is the result of several years of research, discovery and innovation by the Laboratoire NUXE. The Merveillance® Expert collection is ideal for those with mature skin types.

Laboratoire NUXE has discovered 12 “active” molecules with exceptional anti-wrinkle properties at the heart of a newly decoded flower, the Daylily. The result of several years of research with 3 patents pending (FR),

the Merveillance® Expert range helps fills in established wrinkles and plumps where skin has lost its firmness.

Rêve de Miel®Nourishing with honey

A gift from nature, reinvented by NUXE.

Created more than 20 years ago in the Laboratoire NUXE, the Rêve de Miel® skincare range provides ideal comfort to dry and very dry skin. Specially designed to hydrate, soften and comfort the skin, the Rêve de Miel® collection will deliver visible results for your skin.

The inimitable Rêve de Miel® collection combines the nourishing action of precious botanical oils and the softening effect of Honey. Honey is one of Nature’s most cherished treasures containing important antioxidants, natural healing properties, and the ability to promote collagen production.

The powerful combination of Honey with precious botanical oils (1) features in the effective and ultra-comforting face and body formulas for dry and sensitive skin.

NUXE Singapore

NUXE Singapore is available exclusively online on betime.com.sg and official Lazada LazMall Flagship Store and Nuxe Shopee Mall.

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