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This Local Clinical Skincare Brand Assures that Less is Actually MORE for Sensitive Skin

BELVEA Dermatology Range

Flare-ups, peeling skin and inflammation are some of the most common symptoms faced by those with sensitive skin every day. In this new norm where not wearing masks is a punishable offence, mask-wearing has exacerbated skin problems and has even contributed to the rise in skin-irritation cases during this period.

If you haven’t experienced skin irritation or flare-ups, here’s what it’s mild form could look like:

Photo credit: Beautifully Alive

The problem here is that the cost of treatment for sensitive skin can be significant. Common over-the-counter products are not only expensive, but some of them also contain a long list of ingredients that aren’t even essential to combat symptoms of sensitive skin. 

But this local clinical skincare brand has just the right solutions, especially for the elderly and children with sensitive skin.

By maintaining its stance as a clinical healthcare brand, BELVEA thrives in helping its customers to alleviate their symptoms of sensitive skin through its affordable and simple clinical dermatology range. This range (that consists of a wash and a moisturiser) is not only 30% – 40% lower in price point as compared to similar brands in the market, but is also formulated with simple and low-irritation-index ingredients, ensuring that consumers are reaping the benefits of the essential ingredients, without potentially harmful enhancers like fragrances and colouring that can be easily found in similar skincare products.

Unlike many other on-the-shelf skin creams that are loaded with unnecessarily complex ingredients, BELVEA’s Moisturising Skin Cream Formula (S$20) contains only six active ingredients that form a humectant effect to prevent moisture loss and hydrate skin. It is best applied on dry and fragile skin after showers whilst skin is still moist, and is suitable for infants, children, adults and seniors. For patients undergoing steroid cream therapies, this cream formulation can be applied as an adjunctive moisturiser in between steroid cream applications.

For a versatile full-body wash that can be used as a facial wash, body wash and shampoo, those with sensitive skin can count on BELVEA’s Gentle Skin Wash Formula (S$20) as it does not contain the common soap agent Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which irritates sensitive skin. Unlike other soap-free cleansers, this product lathers well, and at the same time, effectively moisturises the skin.

By keeping product prices affordable and formulations simple, BELVEA is the ultimate option for the underserved communities with dry and sensitive skin conditions, especially for the elderly and children who do not have the spending power to spare for pricey over-the-counter products. BELVEA’s trusted clinical dermatology range is also recommended by doctors, and are sold at selected clinics island-wide and e-commerce platforms Shopee and Qoo10.

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Katherine Sng

I am a single mother living in Singapore. I am an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle through exercise; eating right; keeping a positive and youthful outlook of life; and, to live vicariously while you can. When not spending time watching Bubba grow, I am catching up on the latest news and entertainment gossip. I strongly believe that empowerment is possible for anyone, as long as they believe in themselves and the people around them.


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