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Missing Out on Beauty Trends? Get Ready for Spring with these Top 3 K-Beauty Tips

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The new season usually means new outfits, so why not add in a new skincare routine? It’s the time of year when your skin needs something different as it starts to get warmer with an increase in humidity levels. With all the changes, your skin will need Korean beauty products with a lighter texture for the warmer months.

Marie Claire once said that South Korea’s beauty industry is typically about 10-12 years ahead of the rest of the world. With skin minimalism in trend, it’s the perfect time to indulge your skin and hair, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, Ksisters recommends the top skin, hair and makeup updates from Seoul to help enliven your look and get you ready for spring. Are you ready to refresh your vanity table?

1. Jung Beauty Leave-in Keratin Hair Treatment, $34 for 200ml (Suitable for all hair types )

This treatment was originally part of the Jung Beauty 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa which was so popular that fans asked for it to be a standalone product as over 5,000 tubes were sold within the first week of launch.

How it works:

Jung Beauty Leave-in Keratin treatment is especially beneficial for damaged hair ends as it penetrates the cuticle layers to supply moisture, nutrients, and coats the surface of your hair leaving a smooth texture. As it has keratin-locking abilities, applying the treatment consistently will prevent damage in the long run from external aggressors such as heat-styling, bleaching or colouring. It is the secret remedy to keep your hair on point always.

How to use:

Apply onto towel-dried hair and massage essence onto lengths and ends.

2. CLE CCC Cream, $41 for 30ml

Say goodbye to Korean BB and CC creams – here comes the over-achieving CCC Cream that acts as a primer, foundation and sunscreen. It is the perfect cream for skinimalism followers. 

How it works:

CCC stands for Colour Control & Change Cream and this lightweight do-it-all uses Microcapsule Technology to smoothly transition the cream’s initial colour to blend in with your skin tone. As you apply, the microcapsules break and enable the colour change as it seamlessly adapts to your skin tone, providing flawless coverage and hydration to the skin. It can be described as an upgraded version of both tinted BB cream and CC Cream (Colour Corrector) combined with improved coverage. The result is a dewy, moisturised complexion with a touch of a satiny finish. 

How to use:

Apply a pea-sized amount of CCC Cream to cleansed skin. Using your fingertips, blend from the centre of your face outwards. (Hint: the warmth from your fingers will help bring the pigment out.) Continue to blend with your fingertips until the capsules release their pigment and the colour adjusts to your skin tone. If extra coverage is preferred, build upon the colour by adding another pea-sized amount of CCC Cream to the skin after the first layer has set in.

3. OHIOHOO Re’Juice Wash Off Mask Trio, $139

This trio of dermatologically tested facial wash-off mask made of Fig, Beet and Blue Tansy will leave you with glowing glass skin.

How it works:

  • OHIOHOO Re’Juice Wash Off Fig Mask – Formulated with 88% natural ingredients, including 1.6% real Fig and 12% Fig Fruit Extract, this mask improves skin texture and tone, perfect for those who want to perk up dull skin and smoothen coarseness at the same time.
  • OHIOHOO Re’Juice Wash Off Beet Mask – Beet is a superfood not just for the body but also for the skin. Formulated with 94% organic ingredients that fight swelling and water retention (Persimmon Leaf and Pumpkin), hydrate skin (Plum), and deliver nutrients to skin (43% Jeju Beet Extract), this mask will help reduce puffiness from late-night suppers, your monthly periods, or fatigue, and ensure skin stays firm and plump.
  • OHIOHOO Re’Juice Wash Off Blue Tansy Mask – This is a mild chemical peel that will deliver a slight tingling sensation when applied. Formulated with next-gen ingredient PHA and Blue Tansy Oil, the mask exfoliates skin effectively without irritation and reveals a smooth and radiant complexion.

How to use:

After cleansing, spread a generous amount on your skin and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Use the enclosed spatula to lightly remove the mask and rinse off with warm water. Apply your daily skincare routine after. 

Ksisters prides itself in curating the best Korean products for its Singapore market, going the extra mile just to ensure that these offerings suit multiple skins or hair types and addresses different concerns, and are comfortable to use in our climates, such as the CLE CCC Cream and the new OHIOHOO masks. 

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Katherine Sng

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