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Create Endless Possibilities of Eye Makeup in Just 10 Seconds with Dolly Wink’s New Easy Lash & My Best Liner

DOLLY WINK Easy Lash Pink

A game-changer for your lash regimen, DOLLY WINK’s new Easy Lash boasts an extensive collection of 16 half lash styles varying in length, volume and colour designed to complement any fashion ensemble or occasion. Paired with the brand’s newest My Best Liner series – a selection of 6 fun and wearable coloured liquid eyeliners that are easy to use and subtle for daily wear, you can now Style As You Suit with ease and versatility, to draw attention to your eyes in this mask-wearing normal!



Perfect for both the novice in beauty trends and the seasoned eyelash wearers, the new Easy Lash comes in two types of half lashes – Center Lash for the appearance of bigger eyes and a fuller lash line or Tail Lash for a cat-eye or doe-eyed effect.

In addition to classic blacks and soft browns, Easy Lash also comes in fun colours like pink, navy grey and beige to suit every mood, wardrobe and occasion.

Featuring a clear, transparent lash band and a mixture of two kinds of fine, synthetic lashes, each set of Easy Lash style blends seamlessly with your own lashes to achieve a natural, eyelash extension-like effect at a fraction of the price!

DOLLY WINK My Best Liner

DOLLY WINK My Best Liner

Make your eyeliner wing a little more vibrant and fun-loving every day with My Best Liner’s exciting 6-colour selection that ranges from Greige for a natural everyday look to Deep Black for that intensely bold look that packs a punch.

Boasting a fine 0.1mm brush tip and its super waterproof, quick-drying formula, My Best Liner is also infused with 5 moisturising beauty serum ingredients that help to nourish and protect the eyelids from humidity and dryness.

With a vivid colour payoff, it layers perfectly on top of eyeshadow and is easily removed with warm water and facial wash.

The Perfect DOLLY WINK Pair

My Best Liner and Easy Lash are a cosmetics brand’s match made in heaven – there are so many ways to pair these to create different looks!

For a bright and fresh everyday look, try pairing My Best Liner in Khaki Brown with Easy Lash in 02 Daily Beige. For something cool and edgy, go for My Best Liner in Navy Grey paired with Easy Lash in 01 Natural Long.

Discover a full spectrum of makeup combinations to match any and every get-up with these new eyemake staples!

Affordably priced at $21.90 each for My Best Liner and $8.90 each for Easy Lash that comes with a pair of high-quality false eyelashes and a stick type eyelash adhesive glue, DOLLY WINK’s My Best Liner and Easy Lash collections are now available at selected Watsons, Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG, Tokyu Hands, and Mandom Official Store on Shopee and Lazada.

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