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Giant Supermarket Refreshes and Improves Quality of Own Brand to Bring Delight to Customers

Giant Supermarket Products

Supermarkets shoppers can now look forward to a wider range of low-priced and better quality essential household staples like rice, oil, eggs and cleaning supplies at Giant supermarket chains with the launch of its new and improved range of Giant-brand products via “It’s a Giant Delight!” campaign on 13 May.

This campaign comes as a response to a new breed of ‘smart shoppers’ – customers who believe in getting the biggest bang for their buck by finding value-for-money deals and yet not compromise on value, quality and convenience. 

The campaign will include items across 20 essential product categories that customers regularly purchase, from cooking essentials to cleaning supplies. Top sellers include Giant Jasmine Fragrant Rice at $7.30 for 5kg, Giant Premium Fresh Eggs retailing at just $2.15 for a pack of 10 and Giant Multipurpose Paper Towel, $3.30 for a pack of 6 rolls.

Customers who buy Giant brand products as compared to the average national family brands stand to save between 85 cents for 2 ply Multipurpose Towel Roll 6 per pack, 90 cents for a 5kg bag of Jasmine Fragrant Rice, $1.75 for 3.8L All-Purpose Bleach and even $3 for a 5L Sunflower Oil. On an average month, that can translate into savings of more than $10 for each purchase.

The new packaging design, in clean and simple lines, reflects today’s customers’ preference for a brighter and fresher look.

Giant Singapore Poster

With Giant Supermarket’s refreshed branding that was launched in the second half of 2020 in response to the changing needs and feedback from its customers, Giant Supermarket continues to invest in long-term savings for its customers. Adding on upgrades to existing product formulations, Giant is focused on providing the best value-for-money products in its newly relaunched house brand range. 

Lee Yik Hun, Dairy Farm Regional Marketing Director, Southeast Asia Food Business said, “This move is part of our ongoing commitment to always put our customers first and understand their needs. We recognise that these are challenging times, and people are changing the way they spend money – stretching their dollar to save for an uncertain future.

He continued, “Giant brand products are known for its great value and we are building on that proposition, and leveraging our increased economies of scale and improvements within our supply chain to pass these savings to our customers. Because at Giant, we know that it’s the little things that make a GIANT difference!” 

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Katherine Sng

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