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Banish ‘Maskne’ and Restore Balance with Probiotic Skincare

Bio-essence Bio-Water Probiotics Biome Balancing Hydro Gel for maskne treatment

Whether it’s ‘maskne’, irritated, inflamed, or dry skin, the essential and prolonged wearing of face masks has given our skin yet another battle to tackle.

As we breathe under our face mask, the warm and humid air between the skin and the mask creates the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria to grow. Together with the build-up of stale sweat, sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells, skin becomes inflamed and clogged over time, leading to the formation of pimples, breakouts, also known as maskne. Even with a comfortable fit, the continual chaffing action of the face mask against the skin can cause irritation and redness, compromising the skin’s natural protective barrier.

While wearing face masks is part of the new normal, maskne doesn’t have to be. The new Bio-essence Bio-Water Biome range helps restore your skin’s protective barrier to ensure you can wear face masks, maskne-free!

Supercharged by Probiotics and Prebiotics, the clinically formulated range promotes the growth of good bacteria on the skin, working to bring balance back to the skin’s microbiome. A healthy microbiome strengthens skin defence against external aggressors, soothes irritation and discomfort, and repairs impaired barrier function – the perfect combination to combat maskne and calm skin after long hours of wearing face masks.

Promote the Growth of Good Bacteria for Healthy, Smooth Skin

No matter which cosmetics brand you use, you can always double down on skin defence and fortify your skin with Bio-essence Bio-Water Biome range, featuring the dynamic duo of Probiotics and Prebiotics in each formulation to combat maskne, sensitivity, and eczema-prone skin.

Probiotics: Good bacteria that stabilises the skin’s microbiome and benefits the skin by:

  • Creating a protective shield by preventing microorganisms from provoking an immune reaction, which can lead to skin inflammation
  • Fighting bad bacteria
  • Boosting skin’s defence against external aggressors

Prebiotics: A non-digestible fibre that supports the vitality of good bacteria on your skin by:

  • Acting as a food source for the good bacteria on skin
  • Helping Probiotics thrive

Star Product

Bio-essence Bio-Water Biome Balancing Solution, $24.90 for 100ml

Restore balance and experience the continuous transformation of your skin with reduced acne and improved overall skin health, clarity, and smoothness.

Maskne Treatment: Back to Basics

Every beauty routine will benefit from these microbiome skincare staples that pack a punch in maskne treatment and brings your skin back to its optimum state.

Cleanse and Purify

Bio-essence Bio-Water Biome Balancing Cleanser, $10.90 for 100g

Formulated with Prebiotics and Probiotics, this cleanser purifies skin of dirt and sebum while strengthening skin’s natural defence against irritants and soothing sensitivity. It provides excellent hydration for optimal moisture balance and delivers essential nutrients to the skin, leaving it healthy, smooth, and soothed from itchiness and discomfort. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin types, the cleanser is free from colourants, fragrances, and parabens. You can even choose to apply it before you use your jade roller.

Fight and Repair

Bio-essence Bio-Water Biome Balancing Repair Serum, $45.90 for 30ml

Say goodbye to acne scars and hello to a smoother, clearer complexion for months on end. This powerful repair serum works a treat in fading scars and preventing acne recurrence, ensuring results that last long after the first application.

This star product also:

  • Strengthens skin’s natural defence against irritants and calms skin sensitivity
  • Provides skin with rich nourishment to keep it hydrated and ensures moisture balance
  • Helps to smooth out skin roughness
  • Effectively soothes and repairs skin
  • Helps to fade pimple marks and scars
  • Restores skin’s vitality, keeping it supple and healthy

Hydrate and Nourish

Bio-essence Bio-Water Biome Balancing Hydro Gel, $32.90 for 45g

Light and fresh on the skin, this hydrogel provides a burst of moisture to restore hydration and moisture balance, locking in all the goodness from your serums while leaving the skin feeling smooth and pampered (like porcelain skincare).

Maskne and Acne Fighters

Zero in on specific troubled skin concerns with this trio of targeted serums that are sure to help you win your battle against acne breakouts.

Bio-essence Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Acne Gel, $26.90 for 15g

A targeted acne and maskne treatment that effectively fights, repairs, and prevents acne breakouts, this acne gel comprises a fast-acting formula that is free from colorants, fragrances, mineral oils, and parabens.

Bio-essence Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Gel, $45.90 for 30ml

Containing naturally hydrating and protective 5% Vitamin B5, this concentrated gel effectively addresses damage, dryness, and roughness, and boasts optimum concentration for sensitive skin.

Bio-essence Bio-Water B5 Pore Minimizer, $45.90 for 30ml

Harnessing the powers of Niacinamide and Vitamin B5, this lightweight, water-based serum effectively tightens enlarged pores and normalises sebum production for a smoother, more refined skin texture.

Bio-essence is available at C K Department Store, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, OG, Robinsons, Watsons, and selected cosmetic houses.

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