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How to Properly Use a Jade Roller and Depuff Your Face

woman holding jade roller

Waking up to a tired face may get you down in the morning, but rather than go on with your day with a puffy face and a feeling of defeat, why not reach for that familiar green roller in your dresser?

With the popularity of jade rollers, you may have already decided to get one and give it a go. After having heard all these facial roller benefits, and poring through countless jade roller posts on social media, you’re finally just a few strokes away from healthier, more supple skin. 

But not all jade rollers come with their own instructions and while you just want to instinctively roll away with it, it’s essential that you understand how to use a jade roller properly in order to reap all its wonderful benefits.

Jade Roller Benefits

Aside from cooling our face and helping distribute skincare products, among the clinically-proven benefits of the jade roller are it decreases puffiness and improves blood circulation. It has been used traditionally in skincare for decades, and the jade roller’s origins can be traced back to China where jade was regarded for energy-healing properties.

How to Use Jade Roller

To begin, make sure that you have a clean and moisturized face. It’s up to you if you would like to layer on a combination of your favourite facial lotion, creams, and serum. What’s good about this is that the rolling and massaging action will aid the absorption of these skincare products.

skincare products used before jade rolling
Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

Keep in mind also, that you would have to clean and disinfect your jade roller before use. To do so, you can wipe the roller with a microfiber cloth that’s been dipped in warm water and soap.

Most dermatologists and skincare experts suggest starting from the neck, as this will open up your channels of circulation. From the neck, you’ll work your way up, rolling in specific directions depending on what you’re trying to target (instead of pushing the tool back and forth and in every which way).

  • On the neck: Starting from the back, position the jade roller at the top of your neck, and roll downwards along the sides. To work in front, roll from your jawline down to the collarbone. It’s best to use a firm but not overly pressured downwards motion. Roll mindfully, and take your time on any spots that may feel tender or knotted. 
  • On the cheeks: Using sweeping strokes, work your way along the jawline, pushing your jade roller in a gentle upwards motion — moving from your chin to your ears (right under the ear lobe). Make sure that you do both sides of your face. When working on the middle of the face, roll the jade roller from the centre of your chin and move outward, toward the sides, onto the cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Under the eyes: If your jade roller has a smaller end, use this when working under the eyes. You’ll start from the corner of your eye (closest to the bridge of your nose) and roll outwards towards your ears. Keep your eyes closed while doing so, and repeat on both sides.

Remember to work on your nose as well. Still using the smaller end of your jade roller, glide down the bridge of your nose, moving in a horizontal motion.

  • On the forehead: From the lowest part of your hairline, move outwards to your temples, repeating a few times on each side.

Should I keep the jade roller in the fridge?

To maximize your jade roller’s cooling benefits, you may want to store your facial roller in the fridge or freezer in between use. However, some people want to keep it traditional, as Chinese medicine recommends using it at room temperature.

When to use the jade roller in your skincare routine

To be able to keep on enjoying the benefits of your jade roller, dermatologists suggest it on a daily basis and whenever you do your skincare routine.

Understanding how to use a jade roller the right way will help you turn this simple skincare tool into a powerful part of your beauty regimen. With the right skincare products and the proper jade roller motions, both your skin and mind will thank you after every jade rolling session.

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