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FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay: A Shopping Haven for Parents to Unwind and Indulge


Parenthood is a whirlwind of responsibilities, and finding time for oneself can be a rare luxury. FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay, the latest addition to FairPrice Group’s Finest outlets, not only brings affordable local produce to the community but also offers a unique shopping experience that allows parents to take a break and unwind. This 14,000 square foot space combines the rich maritime history of Clarke Quay with innovative design and local collaborations, creating an oasis for parents in the heart of Singapore.

Tong Garden Kacang Puteh rack at Finest Clarke Quay

Local Produce and Partnerships: FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay takes pride in supporting local suppliers, farmers, and artists. The extensive assortment of products showcases collaborations with Singapore-based partners, offering residents a diverse range of fresh produce and unique experiences. From ‘Pick Your Own’ Kacang Puteh kiosks to collaborations with home-grown brands like Tong Garden, FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay is committed to meeting the diverse needs of customers while providing a platform for local businesses.

The Grocer Food Hall: Introducing The Grocer Food Hall, FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay provides a designated food experience zone where parents can indulge in culinary delights from six food kiosks. These kiosks offer value meal options at competitive prices, allowing parents to enjoy a quick and delicious meal. The Heritage Dishes tied back to Singaporean flavors add a touch of local essence, creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

Finest Clare Quay Grocer Hall

Heritage Design and Unique Merchandise: Designed to honour Clarke Quay’s roots as a historical maritime hub, the store features nautical-themed design elements that showcase the area’s rich history. The FairPrice Finest x Kelly Ser Atelier collection, featuring local artist Kelly Ser’s contemporary depictions of traditional architecture, adds a touch of local flair. Unique merchandise, including tote bags and tumblers, allows parents to take home a piece of Clarke Quay’s vibrant history.

Innovative Experiences with The Grocer Bar: FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay goes beyond traditional grocery shopping by introducing The Grocer Bar. This in-store bar area allows shoppers to enjoy a well-deserved drink after their shopping spree. With a vast selection of beer, wine, and spirits, parents can unwind and relax for a quick one at the Grocer Bar before heading home to the family. The Heritage Cocktails, crafted in collaboration with local brands, offer a unique twist on local favourites, providing a delightful experience for the taste buds.

Finest Clarke Quay Grocer Bar

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay is not just a grocery store; it’s a haven for parents to unwind, indulge, and enjoy a unique shopping experience. With a commitment to supporting local communities, a diverse range of products, and innovative concepts like The Grocer Bar, FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay is set to become a go-to destination for families looking for quality and relaxation in the heart of Singapore. So, the next time parents embark on a grocery run, they can also take a moment to chill and savour the delightful offerings at FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay.

Experiential Zone for customers to participate: cooking classes, demonstrations, and other events. To find out more or sign up, customers may visit HERE.

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay Operating hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 11 pm | Friday & Saturday: 8am – 12 am.

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Katherine Sng

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