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Designed for today’s on-the-go lifestyle, the POPStation is popular with consumers as it empowers them to pick up or post their parcel at any time, at their own convenience and at no extra cost.

With online shopping growing ever popular, it is often frustrating when busy Moms are expected to wait at home for deliveries or collections (returns), it is an excellent timesaver to find 24/7 convenience with POPStation.

POPStation service is secure. Apart from providing one-time PIN/QR code to open the locker, there are surveillance cameras and centrally controlled systems to allow SingPost to track the status of each parcel. IT Support is also available 24/7 to provide assistance to customers.

Collect Your Parcel Anytime…It’s that simple!

  1. Shop online and select POPStation
  2. Get notified once your parcel is delivered to POPStation
  3. Collect your parcel at your choosen POPStation

Easy Returns with POPStation

  1. Pack and label – attach ezyReturn label and completed return slip
  2. Return your items – head to any POPStation and select ‘return my parcel’.  Scan the barcode on the ezyReturn label and key in the PIN received on your mobile phone.
  3. Lock – select the right locker size and place the parcel in the locker
  4. Confirm – confirm that your parcel has been dropped off.  Select receipt or SMS for acknowledgment.

Since the pilot launch of POPStation just 1.5 years ago, there are now 100 POPStation sites with the average distance to a POPStation at about 2.5km, consumers will find it even more convenient to have their items delivered to the automated smart locker. SingPost plans to double to 200 POPStations in the future.


An exciting addition that SingPost will soon offer is the P-POPS (Personal POPStation). Recently revealing the prototype of P-POPS, this is tailored to address the needs of SMEs and individuals. With no user interface, it is entirely managed by smart device/phone. P-POPS does not require 3G/4G or WIFI access to unlock the locker as it communicates directly with the consumer’s smart device/phone via the Bluetooth technology.

Watch out for P-POPS being piloted later this year.

(CREDIT – image credit to SingPost POPStation – celebrating 100th POPStation)

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