52 Week Challenge Week #1

52 Week Photography Challenge Week #1

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52 Week Challenge Week #1
52 Week Photography Challenge Week 1 – Self Portrait


I came across this photography challenge when Dennis’ from Superadrianme.com posted on his Facebook and I knew right away I need something like this challenge to help me hone my photography skills. I could mistake this challenge as my new year resolution for 2016 but I see it as a commitment to take better pictures and write better to improve myself further.

“This list is going to be more challenging to complete than a simple 52 week photography challenge list,” Foshe writes on the challenge webpage. “But stick with it to the end and I guarantee you will be a better photographer for it.”

Not one to take challenge lightly, I am making it a commitment for 2016 and here goes my best effort together with my camera.

WEEK 1 Portrait: Self Portrait Start things off right with a “selfie”! Explore the self-timer setting on your camera.

My selfies are usually taken with my CASIO TR15 when I can see and find my right angle.  Today I decided to put my SONY Alpha 6000 on a tripod and self-timer and took a selfie the it was done before smart phones, selfie sticks and selfie cameras came along.

It took me a good 15 minutes to set up the tripod in front of my sofa where I feel most comfortable and had the best lighting during mornings. I would call this shot, a comfortable self portrait with my infamous crooked smile.

Camera used today: SONY Alpha 6000


Landscape: Traditional – Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don’t forget the sky.

52 Week Photography Challenge
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