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Traveling made easier in Taiwan and Singapore.

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Our local EZ Link card could be used overseas in Taiwan within a year’s time. Today, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest issuer of contactless smart card and Taiwan’s EasyCard Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly develop a cross border multifunctional contactless card and an interoperable smart card systems platform to encourage greater tourism and business traveling between Singapore and Taiwan.

Under the MOU, EZ-Link and EasyCard Corporation will integrate both smart contactless cards into one single card, known as Cross Border Combi Card making it convenient for tourist in both countries.  When the card is implemented, visitors between Taiwan and Singapore can start to enjoy a seamless, convenient and secure commuting and shopping experience on the public transportation and retail networks of both countries.

Mr. Nicholas LEE, CEO of EZ-Link Pte Ltd and Mr. CHANG Chia-Sheng, Chairman of EasyCard Corporation signed the MOU, with Mr. HAU Lung-Bin, Mayor of Taipei City presiding over the ceremony.

“EasyCard and EZ-Link have been engaging in frequent exchanges over the years in technology and service applications of smart card systems, and this MOU will strengthen collaboration from both side and create more convenience for people in Taiwan and Singapore,” said Mr. CHANG Chia-Sheng, Chairman, EasyCard Corporation.

According to the Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications, 400,000 tourists from Taiwan visited Singapore and 360,000 visitors from Singapore to visited Taiwan last year. Up til now, EZ-Link and EasyCard have issues 17 million EZ-link cards and 45 million EasyCard respectively in Singapore and Taiwan.  EZ-Link will also share its pioneer contactless e-ticketing technology with EasyCard Corporation under the MOU, with the goal of offering electronic tickets to popular tourist attractions to visitors between both countries. Now, that’s a good way to travel without having to keep another card you may only use once in a blue moon.

For more information on EZ-Link and EasyCard, please visit www.ezlink.com.sg and www.easycard.com.tw respectively.
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