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Arts in Your Neighbourhood Brings Art To Kallang And Geylang This November

Many of us may be familiar with Geylang Serai for its rich cultural identity, vibrant sights and sounds, but did you know that its name is said to have derived from a lemongrass factory (Kilang Serai) located east of the Kallang River? 

Discover more of these interesting history and tidbits about Kallang and Geylang at the upcoming season of Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) organised by the National Arts Council as AYN returns from 12 to 29 November 2020.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, for the very first time, their line-up of activities will be supplemented with digital offerings, presenting a blend of 11 digital and physical programmes co-created with artists, arts organisations and community partners. 

This will allow us to appreciate and participate in these activities while still staying safe at home. From online music, dance and theatre performances to visual art murals, you can look forward to an engaging line-up of multi-genre and interactive art experiences from the comfort of your homes or in person. 

With programmes inspired by Singapore and its people, AYN aims to showcase the resilience of our communities and foster a sense of belonging, especially in these times , by encouraging us and fellow residents alike to rediscover the stories of their neighbourhoods through the arts, from wherever we are.

District 14: 7 Kali Bah by P7:1SMA

District 14: 7 Kali Bah by P7:1SMA (Photo Courtesy Of P7:1SMA)

For us adventure-seekers who are missing the days where we could travel and embark on ‘expeditions’ around the world, P7:1SMA enables us to rediscover Singapore by seeing Geylang Serai with new eyes. 

Through workshops and engagement sessions across September and October 2020, P7:1SMA and their collaborators have collected stories, anecdotes and memories from the Muslim community to uncover what Geylang Serai means to them.

Aiming to share more about Malay Culture to all of us, from 16 to 22 November, a dance film that is heavily inspired by these stories, anecdotes and memories of Geylang Serai will be made available for us to understand the history of Geylang Serai better.

Get inspired by the art of Geylang Serai and the Muslim community as the film stuns you with choreography moves that are stimulated by the letters, audio recordings, photographs, textiles and objects of significance collected from the community.

Brilliant Corners: The City Is Blooming by System Sovereign


Brilliant Corners: The City Is Blooming by System Sovereign (Photo Credit: System Sovereign)

If you’re looking to go on a therapeutic ‘art walk’, embark on this self-guided trail to discover vibrant art murals around the neighbourhood, inspired by little glimpses of nature right in the heart of our little red dot. 

Inspired by Geylang Serai’s colourful heritage, five artists have co-created vibrant art murals around the neighbourhood that are inspired by the residents, the environment and their thoughts on nature. These artists include Ink & Clog, Didier Jaba Mathieu, Oak & Bindi and Kiat, along with keen mural arts enthusiasts from the community.

Patterns Seeking by SYNDICATE

Patterns Seeking by SYNDICATE (Photo credit: SYNDICATE)

Head down to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre to be enthralled by a light projection display on the building itself, created with inspirations from Kallang. Curious of the artistic motifs of the daily Singaporean life, SYNDICATE embarked on a co-creation process with the residents of Kallang to conceptualise their artworks for this light and sound display.
To be part of this on-going conversation about the artistic patterns of Singapore, feel free to send in your suggestions here to get a chance to see art inspired by your story come to life in the form of light and sound!

From A to Z: The Adventures of Sol and Friends by Sweet Tooth


From A to Z: The Adventures of Sol and Friends by Sweet Tooth (Photo Credit: Sweet Tooth)

Does your little one have great imagination and unbounded curiosity? Combining design and performance, this theatrical experience encourages your kids to exercise their imagination and brings to life three new characters designed by the community.

Through the theatrical experience, they can join the character, ‘Sol’, and her friends on an adventure to find ‘Maxie’ and learn the life lesson of the importance of friendship as her best friend gets blown away in a giant storm.

Dwayne Law’s Tea Party (Photo Credit: National Arts Council)

In addition, you and your little ones can look forward to ‘Let’s Partea!’, a series of virtual performances specially curated for young audiences, hosted live by dynamic theatre actor Dwayne Lau every Sunday of AYN.

A Bitesize of Astronomy (Photo Credit: Bitesize Theatre Productions)

In addition to these performances, our little monsters can also discover the power of imagination in an interactive theatre performance by Bitesize Theatre Productions, and venture into the world of jazz music through a music performance by Hummingbird Music.

Stories On Site (Photo Credit: National Arts Council)

Families can also embark on an adventure right at their fingertips and take a virtual “walk” around Kallang River in an interactive choose-your-own-adventure story by digital storytelling studio Tusitala and author Akshita Nanda.

Not so glum about the travel bans now are we? Get ready to rediscover Singapore with this myriad of digital and physical programmes!
Admission is free for all events and more details can be found here.

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