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Since Singapore’s independence in 1965, this little red dot has shown enormous spirit, we agree with the team at SG50 that it’s time to celebrate! Let’s make 50 years of independence a celebration to remember as we gather our children and families to remember, reflect and celebrate on how far WE have come.

SG50 Roadshow and the Wish House


It’s the time to Celebrate Singapore and Celebrate SG50!

SG50 is a time to celebrate together and remember all the hardship and tears, smiles and joy, standing together, helping one another, a time to cherish 50 years of friends, family and communities regardless of race, language or religion, a time to congratulate Singapore’s innovative and pioneering spirit and the rich and diverse cultures that makes Singapore our home.

Share our hopes and dreams at the Wish House SG50


Together, we can make SG50 a celebration to remember!

  • Drop by the next SG50 Roadshow Event to find out what’s coming up in 2015 and how you can join in the SG50 celebrations. There will be traditional games, performances, prizes, goodie bags, balloons, craft stands and so much more!
  • SG50 Roadshow on 27th and 28th September 2014 at 12pm – 6pm at Northpoint Shopping Centre (Basement 1)



What you can expect to find at the SG50 Roadshow event:-

  • Drop into The Wish House by National Gallery of Singapore and share your wish for the future of Singapore. These wishes are on display at The Wish House and reading them is a truly heartwarming, inspiring and entertaining time.
  • Collect your Icon Stickers from the friendly SG50 team. ‘The Things that Make Us Singapore’ icon stickers include images of Singa The Courtesy Lion, the familiar ‘Karung guni man’, our favourite Auntie and lots more. If you can come up with other icons then share them on the SG50 Facebook page and hashtag #SG50.
  • Meet Nila the South East Asian Games mascot, snap your picture, share on social media and pick up a prize.
  • Art and craft stands where the kids can colour and older generation can make flowers for the ‘We Love SG Flowers’ Chingay 2015 celebration.
  • Meet the Care & [email protected] team and learn about the Community Celebrations happening in 2015. As food plays such a big importance in our culture, ‘Let’s Makan’ is a heart warming community initiative aimed at promoting graciousness and neighbourliness by bonding over food. Sign up to lead and organize a potluck session among families and friends in your neighbourhood. You will be given the Starter Kit that includes games, food suggestions, invitation cards and more to facilitate your orginisation.


Gather your family and friends and get involved in SG50.  Together, let’s Celebrate Singapore, Celebrate SG50 and Celebrate US!


Find out the latest about the SG50 movement at facebook.com/sg2015 , www.twitter.com/singapore50 , www.youtube.com/singapore50

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