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COMPETITION : Big Dreams Start Small with JobsDB

Screenshot 2014-12-11 14.05.04

Screenshot 2014-12-11 14.05.04


JobsDB, one of the leading online job portals, has launched Big Dreams Start Small.  Along with a video competition, Big Dreams Start Small is set to see the little dreamers among our bubbas really inspire us.

Following a recent survey conducted ‘Hirewatch’ along with a focus group discussion by JobsDB, it was found that only 19% of Singaporeans are content in their current jobs.  Despite this, Singaporeans, are not pursuing their ambitions or dreams which they dared to dream about when they were younger.  With this in mind, JobsDB have developed the Big Dreams Start Small Competition which calls for the public to upload to Instagram a video clip of their child or children saying what they dream of becoming and why.

Lets hold onto our aspirations and keep dreaming…Big Dreams Start Small.

Participants stand a chance of winning one of the grand prize of S$3,000 travel vouchers to a destination of the winner’s choice, or a pair of movie tickets (10 pairs up for grabs).

Big Dreams Start Small Competition Mechanics:-

Step 1 : take a video of a child telling us what they dream of becoming and why,

Step 2 : share the video on Instagram with hashtag #jobsDBDreamBig,

Step 3 : follow @jobsdb_singapore on Instagram and get friends and family to like the video.

The competition is live now until 17 December 2014 and the winning posts will be determined by the number of ‘likes’ they get on Instagram.  Submitted posts using the hashtag jobsDBDreamBig will appear at jobsdb.com.sg/dreambig

For more information and some ‘Big Dreams Start Small’ inspiration ideas, go to JobsDB HERE. 

Also, take a look at some of the entries up to now and see if you are inspired to pursue your ambitions and remember your childhood dreams HERE. 

Big Dreams Start Small with JobsDB : what did you want dream to be or what does your bubba dream to be?

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