#Dogwood52 Photo Challenge Week #4

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I’m enjoying this 52 Week Photography challenge – looking around for ideas to fit the task for the week; looking around my new home, looking around my new town and especially taking photos and looking back on my days as I discover my new surroundings.

This week’s task had me looking closely at faces and not the nature and my surroundings – I like photographing the nature and wildlife really so this was a different challenge for me too.

The schools here in Adelaide, South Australia haven’t gone back yet after the Christmas and New Year break – we start back in February for a new year and term 1 and it will be my first year at a school in Australia.  So, my days are spending a lot of time with my younger brother and we are enjoying playing and exploring our new garden and the land of the farm…

The #Dogwood52 Week Photo Challenge task for week 4 is;

Portrait : Headshot; we already took a selfie for the task in week 1 so not we take a ‘selfie’ of someone else!

I took a photo of my brother, Elliott.

Next week’s task, week 5, for the #Dogwood52 Week Photography Challenge is; Landscape : Black and White – Look for a scene with great contrast that will make a great black and white.

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