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Don’t Stress Over Body Issues

YY Low – Expert Health Psychologist


From time to time, we all stress over our weight management problems, we begin to feel low and have issues with self-esteem, our children, particularly teenagers, also feel this way. We chat with an expert in Health Psychology who is the Principal Weight Management Consultant at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, Y Y Low.

YY, herself battled with weight issues for many years of her life. As an overweight teenage girl, she had self-esteem and body image issues but had a secret desire to look like a model. In wanting to lose weight, she started all kinds of extreme exercises: high impact aerobics, ran 10 kilometres a day and also swam vigorously. She, like many of us, also resorted to slimming pills which did not work. During this time, YY did not realise that she was suffering from exercise bulimia where instead of vomiting out the food, she was exercising compulsively. It never occurred to her that she was suffering from poor body image.

Finally through these extreme means she managed to lose weight and joined a modelling agency in her early 20s.

YY shared with us her heartbreaking story from her early modelling days, “Although I was tall, I was considered “too big” for the industry, and the people in my agency likened me to being “big and tall like a dinosaur”. I was told that in order to get modelling jobs I had to lose more weight.

It was due to YY’s determination, hard work and strong personality that she did in fact go on to become a successful International Model. Just one success story she shares with us is that she was the only Singaporean model to appear at the 2002 London Fashion Week event and was featured in Vogue online.

This touching, and difficult ‘life story’ which YY faced sparked her decision to become a Health psychologist. YY went on to graduate with Honours in Psychology with National University of Singapore and, in her second year, she was in the top 20% of her cohort in psychology so NUS offered her the chance to do a single major. She then went on to be in the top 10% in her third ear and went on to do the honours program.

YY followed her inspired dream to complete a Masters in Health Psychology in London in 2012 and was awarded a distinction. She then worked in London before heading back to her roots here in Singapore and taking up a position to work in Health Promotion Board.

YY is now a successful entrepreneur at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, which she founded with two friends. YY specialises in Weight Management and takes up the position of Principal Weight Management Consultant as well as nutritional consultations at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique. YY is blessed with two beautiful children, her daughter is 9 years old while her son is turning 6 this year.

YY shares with us her body images issues which have seen her inspired to help and successfully encourage her patients and clients over the years:-

“Prior to childbirth, I worked as a psychologist counselling overweight kids in the Health Promotion Board. After the birth of my 2 kids, I managed to find a way to change my lifestyle and mind-set that enabled myself to lose weight and also maintain it without too much fuss. Having gone through weight and self-image issues first hand, it is my desire to help others who have similar struggles.

However as a full time stay-at-home mother for 8 years, I did not take care of my skin at all. My other obsession with my skin started when I realized many fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffy eyes and dark eye circles were all showing on my face. That was when I started my search for good skincare products that are truly effective, good value, and will make a difference to my skin. I wanted to improve my skin but I was also weary of people who tried to sell me expensive face cream that do not work. A very good friend of mine recommended me to try out some products, and I found Dermagold.

Grace and Luping, who were childhood friends and medical schoolmates, created Dermagold in 2003 – the first home-grown skincare containing miracle berry – Seabuckthorn – one of the world’s best kept beauty secret. It started off as a hobby to solve their own skincare needs and sold only to a niche group of family and friends. In 2014, encouraged by their family and friends, they decided to revamp Dermagold with a brand new look to benefit more people beyond their select clientele.

Their revamp plans for Dermagold coincided with mine, when I was looking to step back into the working world after eight years of staying home to take care of my two young children in their formative years. Together the idea of “Hadara” was born with a vision to bring beauty and wellness to many with a whole new dimension to include a psychological component. Our foray into business has allowed us to catalyse our friendship into a dynamic and empowering experience.


Hadara is founded by YY Low, Grace Ling and Lim Luping. Hadara in Hebrew, means beauty, glory, and splendour. Hadara aims to bring out both the outer and inner beauty of each individual through their customized face and body programs that are non-invasive and health & wellness –focused.

Hadara believe that beauty is definitely more than skin deep and aspire to be a place that not only provides quality beauty, slimming and wellness services but inspire people to see the inner beauty and potential in themselves.


For more information and to arrange an appointment, do contact Hadara Aesthetic Boutique direct at;

Tel. +65 6969 3022

Hadara Aesthetics.com


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