Ed’s 52 Week Photography Challenge Week #3




Week #3 task of this 52 Week Photography Challenge by Dale_DogwoodPhotography is : Artistic : Red – Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

I started off looking for ideas for this week’s task and looked and looked but couldn’t see ‘red’ very often anywhere. I took a photo of a Jasmine bush with one lone red leaf but wasn’t too pleased with it. Even a red helicopter flying over my garden surrounded by a huge blue sky didn’t work out great. Then I found a red flower in my garden and thought that was the one to use. But…

Just as I was walking upstairs for the evening, I saw the sky was the deepest red I have seen for ages! I grabbed my camera and ran down into the garden to try and get the best shot of the most amazing sunset.

“Red sky at night – shepherds delight!” : said my Mom – whatever that means!

All I needed to know was “Wow! What a sunset”

Since starting this 52 Week Photography Challenge I’ve learned that standing on the deck of my new house is the best place to capture the sunrise – if I’m ever up that early! And the back garden gets the best views of the sunset.

I’m kinda thinking now that all my photographs for this 52 Week Photography Challenge are going to be much to do with nature and wildlife…

Week #4 task given to us by Dale Foshe is :Portrait : Headshot – You shot a selfie, now shoot a ‘selfie’ of someone else!

You can see my Instagram posts for the #52WeekChallenge and my other photographs by following me @EdTheTedPics

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