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Grab gives passengers more for their money with the launch of the new Grab Rewards. 

Me: a constant need to rush off to somewhere.

Also me: an individual who often dreads to take the public transport but can’t afford taxi.

Hence me: knows every GRAB promo code and takes Grab everywhere.

Don’t we all love the convenience of a cashless ride, let alone the stress of driving in this madness and getting a parking lot? Now, GRAB is making themselves even more irresistible with the launch of the new GRABREWARDS. GrabRewards is meant to benefit loyal GrabPay users by allowing them to get free meals, movie tickets and other good deals through earning GrabReward Points! You can earn GrabReward points by simply travelling with Grab! Points are awarded for every dollar spent on JustGrab, GrabShare, GrabCar, GrabTaxi and GrabCoach rides. GrabRewards is also available in other countries where Grab operates in.

Here are some tricks to level up faster on your GrabReward Points:

  • PAY WITH GRABPAY:  you can earn DOUBLE the points!
  • LOOK OUT FOR SPECIAL BOOSTERS: for example, a 2x booster means you get double the points when you travel.

There are four loyalty tiers in GrabRewards, which are Platinum, Gold and Silver for Grab’s top riders and the Member tier in which all other passengers are placed. With the newly-updated reward partners catalogue, Grab riders in all tiers will be able to get special and better rewards with flagship partners catering to their respective tiers. Such rewards include: KFC DELIVERY: $7 off finger-licking good chicken from KFC Delivery, with just 2300 GrabRewards points and

  • KFC DELIVERY: $7 off finger-licking good chicken from KFC Delivery, with just 2300 GrabRewards points and minimum order of $35.
  • DELIVEROO: For 3350 GrabRewards points, enjoy $10 off Deliveroo’s wide range of restaurants.

Be sure to redeem your GrabRewards points for special discounts and rewards before they expire! To learn more about GrabRewards, visit

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