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Photo: keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
Photo: keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk


As the PSI readings rise we begin to panic!  How should we keep safe and healthy during these hazy days.

Here are some of our tips that will help you “keep calm and breath easy” :-



• N95 masks are the ONLY masks that are effective during the haze. Other masks cannot filter the tiny particles and have little to no effect or help to your breathing.

• Of course, these N95 masks are rather large and will be too big for bubba to wear. A good alternative, if bubba does need to go outdoors, is to wet a regular mask (child size if available), the damp mask will work to filter the tiny air borne particles.

Stay indoors
• The simplest way to avoid the haze is to stay indoors with bubba. It’s easier said than done! Try some new craft ideas, invest in some new books or rediscover some old favourites, let him indulge in some tv time CBeebies have some fun-educational shows.

• Schools will usually set a threshold where, if the PSI hits a certain level (often PSI 3 hour reading of 100+), then recreation and lunch will be spent indoors.


Keep doors and windows closed firmly
• If your window seals are a little worn then now is the time to replace them. All handy household stores will stock these easy to stick and install seals.

• If your doors have gaps then a damp towel rolled up and used as a ‘draft excluder’ will do the trick of blocking out the haze.

• If your helper stays outdoors and works between the main home and the outdoor area (laundry duties), then bring both her and the laundry indoors.


Purify the air indoors
• Use an air purifier. Bubba will need one in his bedroom as a must have.

• Some specific essential oils have purification properties (we like Young Living). These will keep air clean and aid with breathing difficulties. Invest in a diffuser (cold air type) and use Young Living Purification.

Do you have any tips on dealing with the haze?  Share them with other Bubbamama readers

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