How Many Green Things Daily?

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When you force feed youth these days about sustainability, it gets lost in language.  If we empower them about situations, think about the cause and action, the choices they make, it may leave an impression.” – Denise Keller, renowned travel & adventure host for Discovery Channel & TLC and green advocate.

Growing up making herself happy with simple things in life like being environment friendly – feeling good about recycling when she visits her father’s village in Germany – and doing green things, Denise Keller advocates nurturing from young, changing mindsets and behaviour through education; and having conversations bringing awareness how many green things we do a day.

1Dream1Tree – Planting a Tree

Working with Double A Paper, Denise Keller is fronting Double A 1Dream1Tree campaign in Singapore and Malaysia, engaging in activities to create awareness of the importance in using sustainable products in everyday life.  The 1Dream1Tree campaign allows us to plant our own Paper-Tree for every Double A Paper 80gsm ream we purchase – scanning the QR code (1 QR code per tree) on every ream jacket between now and 30 September and register with our Facebook or Google+ account to have our Double A Paper-tree planted in our name in Thailand and E-certificate to mark our ‘baby’.


Targeting to plant 1 million Paper-Trees from participating countries Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand and Korea, the Double A Paper-Trees are grown by the farmers in KHAN-NA spaces in Thailand creating a sustainable and secure livelihood for the Thai farmers.

{KHAN-NA – Thai word for the vacant strips of land between rice fields traditionally used as pathways to other rice paddies}

The Double A Paper-Tree is unique fast growing hardwood straight trunk tree which is self pruning and matures in 3-5 years producing high quality wood with less knots.  The coordinates of each Double A Paper-Tree is sent together with the E-certificate, so if we want to visit the KHAN-NA where our tree is grown, we can easily track it down.


As consumers, we play an important role – if we buy it right, we can shape the industry.  For our future generation’s sake, we should all take care of our environment and not wait for another bad spout of haze to occur or for more drastic climate change to make a difference.  Living it green isn’t always the most convenient way of living our lives but if we integrate the happy habits into our everyday lives, we can all make a small contribution in saving our mother earth.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use products that are produced responsibly. Kipling KAEON collection is made of 37% of PET recycled polyester with a process that uses 90% less water. (KAEON Superwork, price is not available)
Think how the production and eventual disposal of the products we buy or use impact the environment. Cloversoft baby wipes are not bleached and are made from organic bamboo.

A Greener Office 

We use about 100 tonnes of paper every year. Eliminate the waste in printing by using smaller fonts and use sustainably-sourced paper like Double A paper.

Drive Less

Walk or cycle more, it is healthier. Take public transport to work, it reduces the carbon footprint. (Photo credit:

Go Green by Eating Green

Go vegetarian once a week to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is also better for our skin anyways. (Photo credit:

It ALL Starts from Home

It ALL Starts from Home – Drop your old magazines at medical centres, salons etc. When shopping, use an eco-bag and use less plastic bags (don’t double bag). (Photo credit:

Now, we can start making changes in our lives and count the green things we do to help heal our Earth and protect our future from climate change.

7 thoughts on “How Many Green Things Daily?

    1. I used to sort out my rubbish only to see them get put together and sent to the incinerator or rubbish dump.
      My mantra know is reduce and use less.
      We should start reminding each other about going green so that our kids get to enjoy what our Mother Earth has to offer.

    1. Yeah! Donate the magazines, so it gets read many times!
      I totally agree with you about the greens…. But just think of it as helping you with your beautiful skin and it’d be easier to eat them.

  1. There is a difference between reusing and recycling and people often think that recycling is good enough. We also need to educate our kids to reusing first, then think of recycling when the item is well-used.

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