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It’s An HAE-PIC Chinese New Year With Texas Chicken’s All-New Hae Bee Hiam Chicken

Hae Bee Hiam Chicken poster

With food having an important role in the Chinese New Year celebrations, it’s only fitting that you select the ones with symbolic meanings of luck and auspiciousness to usher in good fortune for the coming year.

This makes it, therefore, the perfect time to combine everyone’s favourite fried chicken with the golden Hae Bee Hiam orange breadcrumbs — symbolism of the Chinese phrase “遍地黄金(Bian Di Huang Jin)”, which translates to bountiful wealth and good fortune everywhere — to serve a feast that family and friends will enjoy.

Texas Chicken’s Hae Bee Hiam Chicken

1 piece of Hae Bee Hiam Chicken from Texas Chicken
1-Piece Hae Bee Hiam Chicken

After traversing through majestic, stormy seas for months, the Texas Chicken Crew has found the legendary culinary treasure for your Chinese New Year celebrations – the golden-orange Hae Bee Hiam Chicken!

Using only 100% fresh chicken that are delivered daily to the restaurants, they are coated with a special Hae Bee Hiam recipe made with dried shrimps, that are fried till fragrant with belacan, shallots and other spices, and orange breadcrumbs.

Before they are served, more crispy Hae Bee Hiam orange breadcrumbs are sprinkled onto the fried chicken to enhance the rich aroma and give it a nice golden-orange colour and satisfying crunch with every bite.

The well-balanced combination of umami taste and subtle spiciness beautifully complements the natural flavour of the tender fresh chicken, making it a delicious Chinese New Year treat for all, young and young-at-heart.

On the inspiration behind the debut of the Chinese New Year Hae Bee Hiam Chicken, Mr Eugene Lim, Director of Brand & Marketing of Select Group, the company that operates Texas Chicken, said: “We want to create a flavour that resonates strongly with Singaporeans, especially during Chinese New Year, and Hae Bee Hiam has always been a popular condiment in Asian cooking. Its unique sweet, savoury and spicy umami taste simply whets appetite, even at the mention of its name. After much testing, we found the right Hae Bee Hiam recipe that goes amazingly well with our succulent, tender fried chicken!”

“The auspicious golden-orange colour of our Hae Bee Hiam Chicken is also a symbolic way for us to wish our diners overflowing happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Ox”, he added. 

Other Items on the Chinese New Year Menu

In the spirit of bringing even more ”” or “Huat” to diners this Chinese New Year, Texas Chicken also introduces the new Pineapple Butter Biscuit, which is their version of the favourite pineapple tarts. Glazed with pineapple jam to give a sweet and tangy taste, the soft and fluffy biscuits, that are baked daily to ensure their freshness, are must-haves to complete a meal. Plus, sip on the refreshing Sjora Mango Peach drink for a fruity tingle while you enjoy the food.

Have an HAE-PIC Chinese New Year

A variety of the HAE-Pic Chinese New Year menu choices are available for ordering at the outlets or to be sent to your doorstep via delivery options. The well-known American quick-service chicken concept restaurant uses only 100% fresh chicken that are delivered to the restaurants daily to ensure that the juiciness and tenderness of the meat are maintained at its optimal level.

Kickstart your Chinese New Year feasting with the 2-Piece Hae Bee Hiam Chicken Set, priced from $10.60, which comes with two pieces of chicken, one small mashed potato, one pineapple butter biscuit, and one regular Sjora Mango Peach.

For couples or those with bigger appetites, try the 5-Piece Hae Bee Hiam Chicken Combo, priced from $29.90. The combo includes five pieces of chicken, four pieces of chicken tenders, one large mashed potato, two pineapple butter biscuits, and two regular Sjora Mango Peach.  

Hae Bee Hiam Combo Meal from Texas Chicken
5-Piece Hae Bee Hiam Chicken Combo ($29.90)

Bigger groups can opt for the delivery-exclusive 8-Piece Hae Bee Hiam Chicken Bundle, starting at $49.90. The bundle comes with eight pieces of chicken, six pieces of chicken tenders, two large mashed potatoes, four pineapple butter biscuits and four regular Sjora Mango Peach.

Thinking of a unique Chinese New Year gift pack for your relatives or friends? Go for the delivery-exclusive 16-piece Hae Bee Hiam Treasure Box ($98.80), which will make for a delicious bountiful surprise! The treasure bundle includes 16 pieces of chicken, two serves of popcorn chicken, eight pieces of tenders, four large mashed potatoes, eight pineapple butter biscuits and two bottles of 1.5litres coke.

For a quick bite, the dine-in a-la-carte options include:

1 piece Ala Carte Hae Bee Hiam Chicken From $4.30
1 piece Ala Carte Pineapple Butter Biscuit From $1.60
2 pieces Ala Carte Pineapple Butter Biscuit From $3.00
6 pieces Ala Carte Pineapple Butter Biscuit From $8.40

Herding in the Lunar New Year

From 28th Jan 2021 to 3rd Mar 2021, all in-store dine-in and takeaway orders with a minimum spend of $10.00 in a single receipt, get $1.00 off when payment is made with OCBC Pay AnyoneTM. Terms & Conditions apply.

Delivery orders with a minimum spend of $20.00 will get 10% off using the promo code HAEPIC10 when you check out. Delivery option is available via Foodpanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo and Texas Chicken’s islandwide delivery platform.

The Texas Chicken HAE-Pic Chinese New Year menu is available for a limited time only, so be quick to order now!

GONG HAE FATT CHOY! Make yours an HAE-pic Chinese New Year at Texas Chicken!

*Texas Chicken is halal-certified.

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