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It’s Mom’s Time Out : Parenting Advice from Dad

Moms Time Out Series
Moms Time Out Series


Inspired by Lifetime Asia’s first original series, ‘Mom’s Time Out’ (StarHub TV Ch 514), a few points on excellent Parenting in the form of Advice from Dad or ‘Dad-vices’ have been compiled.  We thought it would be good to pass these on, after all Mom is not around all of the time! :-

  1. Communicate – The tool of communication is one of the most essential for success of a family and marriage.  It can occur in the form of emotions, words, body language and actions.  Show respect for all of your family members, ensuring that everyone’s needs are being met.  Good communication reduces and resolves conflict.
  1. Teach Healthy Values – In order to combat bad influences like indifference and disrespect, you need to make sure that your children are getting positive value messages from you.  The healthy values that children learn while young will guide them in everything they do in life.
  1. Patience – You have to be patient with children, patient with yourself and try to do the best you can.  Keep at it, it is always will be worth it in the end!
  1. Anger Management – When you feel annoyed try distracting yourself and counting to 10.  Remove yourself from the situation until you have regained control.  Shouting only fills a child with negative thoughts and your words will only reinforce the negative behavior.
  1. Mom’s Biggest Fan – John Wooden quoted “The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”  When Dad shows love to his children’s mother, he teaches them how they should treat those they love.  You also show that you have a strong relationship and value her.

Mom’s Time Out is a series that features three frazzled mothers who get some well earned time out and leave their husbands to look after the house and kids.  Queue chaos as Dad struggles to take on the Mother’s role – a role they always took for granted.

Mom's Time Out
Mom’s Time Out

The three families in the series comprise one family from each Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.  Our very own Singaporean Family Man, Mr Christopher Pang is a father of three boys aged 12 years, 8 years and 4 years.  He and his wife, although working in harmony and running a successful boutique real-estate company, have very different parenting principles.  Dad is more for corporal punishment while Mom is all about positive reinforcement.  In the first episode we saw how Christopher became anxious at taking his 3 sons to a fine-dining restaurant – that was just the beginning!  Follow him in dicey client meetings with restless boys in tow and having his patience tried.  How will Christopher cope?

Follow The Pangs on the Mom’s Time Out series on StarHub TV’s Lifetime Asia’s, Ch 514, each Thursday at 9:00pm (first episode was broadcasted on 28 August 2014 with the 4 remaining episodes screening each Thursday thereafter – encore broadcasts on Sunday at 7.30pm)

To find out more, please visit LifetimeAsia.com/MomsTimeOut

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