Joe Labero, Mind-Blowing Magic at Raffles

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Along with the usual words of amazement, the recent family outing, to catch the show A Night of Magic at Raffles, left us in wonder at this truly mind-blowing show performed by the renowned Magic Master, Joe Labero.

From the moment Joe Labero appears on stage, to each and every ‘trick’ he performs and right up until the final astonishing reveal, Mr Joe Labero has his set of hypnotising illusions down to a tee and dazzles his audience every step of the way.

Having left audiences awe-inspired during his 2014 shows here in Singapore, it is no wonder that the Magic Master is back by popular demand. The fabulous Joe Labero is currently performing at the Jubilee Hall @ Raffles Hotel. Tickets are on sale HERE


Of course we have all seen magic performed on the tv screen, but seeing it before our eyes on a live stage is truly a different experience altogether. It is perhaps the way in which we feel we surely cannot miss a trick that leaves us absolutely amazed! We are sure we will catch the slight of hand but the hypnotising illusions leave us astonished!

Joining Labero on stage are his guest performers and fire artistes – Burnt Out Punks. This pair help create a fiery punk circus show that combines old favourites such as fire eating and acrobats with the mind-blowing illusions of Labero.

Expect audience participation with invited members of the audience joining Labero on stage to ‘assist’ with magic.

The Jubilee Hall @ Raffles is intimate enough to get up close to each and every illusion yet comfortable and well set to give this show the professional venue it deserves.

This show is suitable for all the family.  We went along with our kids aged 13 and 11 years who thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Children under the age of 5 are not admitted and all children aged 5 and above must be accompanied by an adult.

With prices starting at just $50 (child) $75 (adult) we highly recommend Joe Labero A Night of Magic at Raffles as a MUST SEE for all the family.

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