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the cast of Dim Sum Warriors Musical

Motivating children around the world to learn Chinese language in a more fun and engaging way, the creators behind the critically-acclaimed Dim Sum Warriors graphic novels and the giant musical adaptation that toured 25 major cities in China have come up with a Bilingual Learning System.

This system combines books, apps, reading evaluation tech and live-streamed cartooning sessions for an enjoyable way for our kids to learn Chinese language.

banner poster of Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Comic Jam
Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Comic Jam

Aimed at kids from kindergarten to primary five, the Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Comic Jam is a complimentary bilingual chat-and-draw-along session which builds vocabulary as well as creativity.

Running via Facebook on 7th, 21st and 28th November 2020, each session will be hosted by award-winning filmmakers, the creators of the Dim Sum Warriors bilingual children’s

Storybooks, graphic novels cartoonist, Colin Goh, Dr. Woo Yen Yen – an education professor with a doctorate from Columbia University’s Teachers College, together with a guest Chinese teacher.

Every session will start with a reading from the popular Little Dim Sum Warriors bilingual storybook series. It will be followed by a draw-along where your kids can learn Chinese by following Colin in visualizing keywords and phrases in creative ways in order to enhance their understanding of the various Mandarin terms.

cartoonist teaching Mandarin to kids through drawings
Colin teaching Mandarin to kids using drawings before COVID-19

“Too many kids we know think of Chinese as only this exam hurdle they must get past. Aside from their textbooks, these kids never read Chinese books and are often even afraid to speak it. That has been my experience with learning Chinese” shared Colin.

Throughout the drawing segment, your kids are also encouraged to converse bilingually in a relaxed way. This reinforces vocabulary-building and helps your kid get used to using Mandarin interchangeably with English. Lastly, the session will end off with Colin drawing anything the children request, which is always a crazy and giggly experience!

“The JAM is adapted from the highly popular bilingual cartooning workshops that Colin has been running at the invitation of select international schools, reaching thousands of students,” says creator Yen Yen, who is currently stationed in Taipei.

Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Learning System

photo montage of Dim Sum Warriors activities for kids to learn chinese language

Designed by education experts and award-winning creatives, the system to learn Chinese combines cutting-edge literacy research with hilarious multilingual comics featuring adorable characters. In addition, Dim Sum Warriors also has a mobile app with vocabulary building games and reading-recognition tech that provides feedback on fluency and pronunciation.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that drawing has a lot of benefits for reading and writing. It trains the mind to focus, gets kids to express their imagination, and helps them find their own voices – all highly important skills for the 21st century,” explains creator Yen Yen.

The system is tailored to meet the OECD’s new PISA Global Competence Framework and is certified for high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland, one of the world’s leading edtech impact verification services.

Click HERE for more to find out more about how your child can learn Mandarin through the bilingual learning system!

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