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Celebrate Mother’s Day with ‘Mom Can Code, #ican2’ Workshop.

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2017 by doing something different with your daughters! In the month of May, Girls in Tech Singapore brings all mothers and daughters together with an interesting 3-hour coding workshop that teaches problem solving skills and algorithmic thinking.

Believing that mother is a girl’s first female role model, Girls in Tech Singapore, a non-profit organization, introduced ‘Mom Can Code, So Can I’ workshop last May to inspire more girls to learn from their mum and pick up programming. As the event turnout was excellent last year, Girls in Tech Singapore decided to organise it again this coming May.


With this year’s theme #ican2, the team hopes to encourage girls to dream big with their mom leading in the learning of a skill that is a global necessity. As women and mother have traditionally seen to take up most of the child raising responsibilities, this workshop hopes that girls can look up to their mom as a mentor and learn coding well.

It is important to consider that coding has become more than a trend in this technologically advanced society. To empower girls with the skills for professional advancement at a young age is crucial in building an interconnected society to help women excel in technology for survival in the near future.


Take this chance to learn how to create a mobile-friendly animated story and also bond with your daughters! Perfect for all mothers with daughters aged 7 to 12 years old, you don’t have to be knowledgeable in coding to join the workshop as the experienced teacher from Loshberry Code Studio will teach you how!


Join now for a fruitful and memorable Mother’s Day!


Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Time: 10:00 am – 01:00 pm

Venue: Trehaus Singapore

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10 thoughts on “‘Mom Can Code, #ican2’ Workshop

  1. Oh I know programming already. But must go and see what they teach. Skills are ever-changing and we need to keep updated always.

  2. I tried to learn coding online but my old brain just couldn’t comprehend. Perhaps I will give it a try again when the kids are older and demand less of my time.

  3. Coding is not something I am naturally inclined to learn, but I have to agree it’s a good skill to have in our current society! Doing it with our daughters would make it a lot more fun, I’m sure!

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