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Flowers for Mom this Mother’s Day?  Here we share how to choose the perfect bouquet.  Which bloom suits your Mom?  We’ve also got some handy hints and tips for keeping those Mother’s Day Flowers fresh and healthy.

Mother’s Day Flowers : How to Choose the Flower to Suit Your Mom

White Carnations will send ‘sweet and lovely’ messages and give Mom your ‘pure love” this Mother’s Day

Pink Carnations – tell Mom just how much you appreciate ‘Mother’s love’

White Roses – Show Mom the ‘respect’ you feel for her with this bloom, as well as telling her of the virtue you see in her

Dark Pink Roses – ‘gratitude’ for everything she does for you

Medium Pink Roses – these flowers are filled with ‘grace’

Light Pink Roses – are for the Mom who brings laughter with her ‘youthful joy’

Pink Tulips – pick out this flower for the Mother’s Day bouquet to enhance Mom’s ‘caring’ nature

Red Tulips – send ‘true love’ to Mama

Yellow Tulips – bright and cheery, Mama will appreciate this bouquet of ‘cheerful thoughts’

Orchids – with a rainbow of colours available, the orchid sends ‘love’ and shows true ‘beauty’ to Mothers this Mother’s Day. Perhaps also the flower oozing with ‘refinement’

White Lilies – Mom is the Queen of her home and this pure bloom brings a shining ‘majesty’ on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Flowers : How to keep flowers fresh and healthy

SODA – pour ¼ cup of soda into a vase of cut flowers. The sugar in the soda will make the blooms last longer. [use a clear soda like Sprite or 7-Up so the water remains clear].

HAIRSPRAY – spritz hair spray on the underside of leaves and petals to keep the flowers looking fresh for longer.

BLEACH – acting as a preservative, bleach keeps flowers fresh by inhibiting bacteria growth. Just ¼ teaspoon added to a liter of water is all you need.

SUGAR & VINEGAR – dissolve 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 3 tablespoons of sugar per liter of water. Ensure the cut stems are covered by 7 to 10 centimeters of water. The sugar nourishes the flowers while the vinegar inhibits bacterial growth.

CHANGE THE WATER – vases of flowers should have their water changed daily. Not only does this keep the flowers looking fresh, it also avoids any stale water scents and ugly discoloured water. If you live in a Dengue area, by changing the water you are also taking care that dengue mosquitos do not breed in your home.

RE-SNIP THE STEM – bacteria naturally forms a seal at the stem ends which reduces the flowers’ ability to take up water. By re-snipping the stem just 1cm every 2 days you will give the flowers a longer vase life.

LOSE THE LOWER LEAVES – When placing the flowers in your chosen vase, simply snip off any leaves which sit too low i.e. there should be no leaves under the water line.




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