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NEW Korean Products at Cold Storage

Cold Storage Korea Food Fair 2014 - Yopokki spicy topokki(140g)

Samyang Ramyun and Rice Cup Noodles


Following the recent Cold Storage presentation of the Korea Food Fair 2014, we are pleased to find out that some of our favourites from the showcase will now be permanent features on the shelves at selected Cold Storage stores.

The Korea Food Fair 2014 brought us everything from Zen Maum Tea and high quality rice wine to rice cup noodles and Ginseng chicken soup. With so many new products from Korea to discover, it really is good that Cold Storage and keeping these in stock so we can discover, try and enjoy over and over.

Some highlights of the Korean Food Fair 2014:-

Cold Storage Korea Food Fair 2014 - Samgyetang Korean ginseng chicken stew

Convenient tasty family meals. These are choices we can have in the kitchen and are so convenient and easy to prepare:-
• Yopokki Spicy Topokki – this Korean street food favourite comes in an easy pack for convenience, simply mixed with the accompanying sweet sauce it is a tasty hearty meal for 4 persons. S$8.90 (800g).
• Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup – another hearty meal, simply heat and serve as a nutritious and comforting meal for the family. S$11.50 per pack

Cold Storage Korea Food Fair 2014 - Paido instant noodle

Quick meals on the go. When the kids are hungry or you need a lunch time snack but are too busy to deal with the preparation:-
• Samyang Ramyun and Rice Cup Noodles – NEW and the hottest trend to be enjoyed in Korea right now. Choose Hot & Spicy Chicken Noodle and Rice or Black Bean Noodle and Rice. Just S$3 per cup.
• Paido Spicy Octopus Ramyun – ultra spicy to heat up any meal time. S$6.00 per bag of 5 packs.

Cold Storage Korea Food Fair - Orion Chouffon Cakes

Snacks – Bubba comes home from school with a little hunger pang, or friends drop by to say hi, then these are the must have items we need in our kitchen cupboard:-
• NEW Orion Chouffon – delicate, moist chiffon cake is filled with a delicious custard cream and comes in two flavours – fresh milk and vanilla or fresh apple and yoghurt. (each cake is individually wrapped and is ideal as a school snack for the kids).
• Koryo Seaweed – using olive oil, this seaweed is a healthier choice and makes for a great snack as well as being used to top off rice and noodle dishes.
• NEW – Market O Real Cheese Chip – made from Korean potatoes and the flavour of premium camembert and cheddar from Denmark. S$4.15 per box

Cold Storage Korea Food Fair


All of the above mentioned F&B products are now on the shelves at selected Cold Storage Singapore.


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