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Family Day at Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Family Day at Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is back again with new rides and more carnival fun! The carnival offers more than 50 rides and games brought in from Europe and across the globe and there is definitely something for everyone in the family!

Family Friendly Rides and Games


Visit the carnival on a family day out during this March School Holidays and check out the kids’ friendly rides such as Euro Coaster, Dumbo, Ride O Rama and many more! There are many exclusive plush toys such as unicorns, superhero soft toys and more at the fun game stalls to win!

Not for the faint-hearted

Marina_Bay Carnival_remix_extreme

The fourth new ride at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival – Remix Extreme – is made just for the adrenalin and thrill seekers. The Remix Extreme has a total of 26 rotations per minute, traveling at speeds of over 100 km/hour, and generating a G-Force of 3.8, the Remix Extreme is billed as possibly the Carnival’s WILDEST ride. If this does not sound scary enough for you, other thrill rides featured at the carnival such as the Mach 5, Jumper Jumper, Freak Out, Wave Swinger will make you scream your lungs out.

Win $10,000 Cash Prize

There is a $10,000 CASH prize to be won at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. To participate in this grand lucky draw, simply make a minimum cumulative purchase of $200 credits in one single RFID card. And submit purchase application by 12 noon of 24 Mar 2019, at the Rewards Station counter located at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. The draw will be conducted on the 24 March 2019, at 9 pm at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.

Be prepared for Carnival Funprudential_marina_bay_carnivaljpg

Credits can be bought at Prudential Marina Bay Carnival website HERE. Each carnival ride ranges from  $6 to $14 and games at the game stalls range from $5 to $8. If you are not keen to queue, the fast track passes at $30. You can purchase them for all selected rides. And also bring a raincoat and umbrella in case it pours and a fan in case it gets too hot!


Children under 1.4m and adults above 1.95m are not allowed on the rides.


The carnival is open Mon-Sun, from 4 pm to 11 pm. Admission is free.

Carnival Date 22 December 2018 to  24 March 2019
Nearest MRT stations Bayfront MRT, Promenade MRT, Downtown MRT
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