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Did you see young love blossom in the latest Solvil et Titus TVC? The puppy love between Audrey & Tom blossoms into a dedicated eternity, this adorable TVC tells the tale of a stolen moment of freedom between school sweethearts as they go on to lead a lifetime of happiness, with the watch and the slogan ‘Time is Love’ at the heart of their relationship.

It is with this new TVC that Solvil et Titus takes us back in time to the idyllic village of Wiltshire, England where Audrey and Tom are living their carefree school days. Audrey gives Tom a kiss on the lips and goes onto draw a watch on his wrist, she than says “I want you to remember this moment forever”. Little did they know that this sketch of a watch would be the start of their lifetime of love and the pair would grow old together remembering their cherished moments forever.

This Audrey & Tom love story captures perfectly the vintage look of the new His & Hers Range of watches from Solvil et Titus. Simple but treasured things in life, the watches are featured in classic tones of vintage character, embellished with rose gold together with the silver-white coloured dial. The classic brown leather strap features crocodile print detailing and is finished off with perfect detailing.

Whatever your age, these watches are set to rekindle the young love of yester-year or be the basis of your growing and blossoming new love. Hey, when even our 11 year old Bubba sheds a tear as Audrey & Tom grow old together in love, and then goes onto draw a watch on his ‘friend’s’ wrist and comes home from school sporting the sketch of watch on his wrist, we cannot underestimate the power and boding of the his & hers watches.

Solvil et Titus His & Hers range is retailing at $410 each.

The TVC is created by award-winning director David Tsui and can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

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