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SCS has been a household name in kitchens since 1905 and is one of Singapore’s most beloved and recognisable brands. It has a fresh new look recently, putting a modern spin on their iconic star logo, for a future – ready identity that still pays tribute to its 112 years of rich history.

The new SCS star logo design took 2 years and reveals a sleek and modern look reflecting SCS’ values:


  • More modern and easier to read, while the lighter lines of the new star illustrate the brand’s dynamism and vitality.
  • A brand that has a long and rich history and is close to the hearts of the consumers. To capture this legacy, the new star encases all three letters of the logo, holding them close together.
  • Blue has truly been a colour that has need synonymous with SCS, having been part of logo from the very start. Blue represents trust, loyalty and sincerity: everything which SCS truly stands for. SCS has kept its reliable hue, but with a bright new tint — demonstrating our desire to greet new customers while keeping things fresh for its loyal fans.
  • New packaging boasts a polished silver tone representing the unconditional love for your kith and kin — SCS knows and believes that every pastry baked with SCS butter is filled with affection. The sleek modernity of silver also reflects the optimism and future-ready spirit that the brand lives by. With more than a century of experience under its belt, SCS is ready for anything that comes its way.

“It’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of SCS, and this new logo and brand image truly reflects our enthusiasm and ideals of simply delivering the highest quality of products. SCS remains committed to creating ‘customers for life’, as we’ve been doing for the past 112 years. Our refreshed look shows how we’re staying current as a brand and pushing into new markets as we continue to evolve and innovate,” said Dilpreet Kaur, Marketing Manager, SCS.

New SCS look on the Shelves

  • SCS Butter Block
This August, the classic SCS butter blocks will be the first to hit the shelves with a whole new look. The traditional white wrapper will be replaced with premium silver packaging which will bear the new SCS logo. This sleek and modern look introduces SCS to a new generation of customers, while paying tribute to our rich heritage.
  • SCS Portion and Spread
In September, SCS Portion and Spread will be on the shelves with the shiny new look and updated logo.
  • SCS Cheese Slices and Cream Cheese
Lastly, the premium SCS Cheese Slices and Cream Cheese will bear the new logo upon their refreshed packaging in October.

To celebrate the launch of the new logo, SCS customers can now create your very own personalised SCS aprons with a minimum $10 spend on any SCS products.

Simply upload your receipts (maximum of two receipts) at to choose from three different fonts on your SCS apron (Adult/Kids size) with your choice of name or other text printed on it. Stand a chance to win 5 x SCS hampers worth $50 each when you upload photos of yourselves in your aprons on social media with the hashtag #myscsapron (don’t forget to tag SCS on social media too). Hurry, promotion valid from 1st August – 30th September 2017 (While stocks last).

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  1. We literally grew up with this brand. One of the best tasting ones I believe. I like the modern change in the logo. Thanks for sharing this. I will let my little baker know.

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