SCS Star Baker Challenge 2014

SCS Star Baker Challenge 2014

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SCS Star Baker Challenge 2014
SCS Star Baker Challenge 2014


This year saw the first SCS Star Baker Challenge, a three-month-long baking campaign that brought together bakers from all skill levels and encouraged them to test the limits of their baking abilities. Starting with 2-star challenges, contestants showed their passion for baking as they worked to perfect their skills. When the competition upped a level to the 3-star challenges, 26 semi-finalists were selected and the public had their say on which creations impressed the most. From these semi-finalists, and based on a vote tally, 4 finalists were set the 4-star challenge.

10 intense weeks of competition saw full-time mother, Jane Tan crowned as Singapore’s first Star Baker. The 31 year old who is a former Air Stewardess and HR Bank Manager is now a full-time mum and says she is always focused on simple and beautiful bake creations. To Jane, baking is the perfect marriage between science and art.

On winning the SCS Star Baker Challenge, delighted winner Jane said :-
“…I was so nervous…The competition is truly a test of my culinary skills and innovation. I’m thrilled to have finished on time and, of course, winning is the icing on the cake!”

The three finalists who joined Jane SCS Star Baker Challenge final were:-

Joe Cheng Sing Ei, a 32 year old who takes her baking inspiration from her mother, shares her foodie passion with her children with every delicious and healthy breakfast she prepares and is seen to turn to her love of baking when she needs to de-stress.

Shelby Haidan, a self-taught home baker with a Masters of (Special) Education, this inspiring lady overcame her grief and continued the SCS Star Baker Challenge despite the loss of her mother during the contest (a choice her mother would have approved off. She went on to prepare a creamy coconut pie for her semi-final bake off that was packed with the love of her dear departed mother.

Toh Hong Poh, who was educated in local hospitality and tourism school SHATEC is currently employed as a Pastry Demi with The Bakery Chef Café. This 27 year old finds satisfaction in baking, not only from the creations he prepares but, also, from the joy experienced by his family and friends when they are enjoying his pastries.

*Note: SCS Star Butter is used for the baking challenge and for the bakers to qualify of the finals.  

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