Show Off the Best Snaps of Bubba at Changi Airport’s The Social Tree

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Admit it: you are one of those moms who can’t stop taking snaps of your Bubba! Then you show off your proud ‘Bubbaments’ on Facebook or display it on a digital photo frame for all your friends and family to view.

Here’s another way to show off bubba’s photogenic moments: upload those photos at The Social Tree. When you pass through the transit area of Changi Airport’s Terminal 1, look for the approximately 9-metre tall interactive installation standing in the middle of the Central Piazza.

Comprising of 64 units of 42-inch high-definition screens, Bubba’s photographs and videos will join the many hundreds that are uploaded by travellers from one of eight touch-screen booths surrounding the base of the ‘tree’.

If the Changi Airport Group has its way, then The Social Tree will become a memory capsular for the photographic memories of Bubba, together with those from the numerous travellers who pass through its terminal annually

So whether it is a year or 20 later, Bubba and you can relive the emotions associated with the images by retrieving them from the memory store of The Social Tree.

Says Senior Vice President for Airport Operations, Changi Airport Group Yeo Kia Thye: “We live in a world where digital communities form part of our everyday life. We see hope to see The Social Tree grow into a digital community at Changi Airport, offering a connection over time for our passengers who may pass through Changi many times in their lives. It also provides a social element for our more than 52 million passengers each year to reach out to family and friends.”


So the next time you are transiting through Terminal 1 of Changi Airport, spend a few minutes to upload your snaps of Bubba to The Social Tree. Who knows, Bubba may get a kick out of spotting your snaps there, many years down the road.

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