The Best of Indian crafts at Fabindia



Fabindia, established in 1960 by John Bissell is known for carrying the intricate and artisanal crafts and textiles from India.

A portmanteau of ‘fabric’ and India, the first store opened in Paragon Shopping Centre last year with a curated collection of India inspired menswear, womenswear, accessories, giftware and a range of home furnishings.

Each piece is natural and crafted through 16 community owned companies in India thus allowing the craftspeople to also take part as shareholders. Ancient techniques such as indigo dyeing, bandhini (to tie up) and hand block printing is evident in all of their products.

The products in the Singapore store include a range of light weight cotton wear as well as linen wear that range from harem pants, blouses, tunics, shirts and even scarves.  If you’re searching for a gift or looking to spruce up your home, try their range of silk-spun table runners, cushion covers, machine washable quilts and even disposable table cloths.

The price range is reasonable as well from $30 for a blouse to over $100 for the quilts and semi-precious stoned jewellery.

They are planning to open up a second store soon.



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