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Who is the best of you? This is the question the Best of You movement is asking. It may seem a simple question, but it’s a question that most people may need a while to think about. It might be a question that many of us have never really considered.

The Best of You movement encourages people to find quiet moments, however busy their life, to think about their accomplishments and appreciate the good things in their life. The aim is to celebrate achievements, life experiences and the people that have brought out the best in you.

The movement, which started last year, is a tribute to life, with stories of courage, regret, community, love, encouragement, redemption and, most of all, empowerment. It’s not too late to share your story. The organisers are looking for stories from all ages and all walks of life. Be it a piece of writing, a drawing, or a short film, the organisers want you to tell your story in your own way.

The subject of your story can be anyone or anything, as long as it is someone or something you appreciate. Many of the stories are encouraging and inspiring. Your shared story might even be a life-changing experience for yourself and many others.


The stories will be showcased at the Best of You Finale Exhibition at Marina Square Central Atrium from 13-18 October 2015. Hosted by Yasminne Cheng, MediaCorp Class95FM DJ, The Best of You Finale Exhibition will showcase curated content of over 100 genuine stories from members of the public, as well as artworks and installations from local and international artists, musicians and personalities. This includes designer Sabrina Goh, past-magician Ning Cai, local artist Chua Koon Beng, and The TENG Company, a local group of award-winning young Chinese instrumentalists who work to bring their passion for Chinese orchestra music to the masses.

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For a chance to have your story selected for showcase at The Best of You Finale Exhibition, please submit it by Friday, 25 September 2015.

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