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The Queen of Comedy & Super Mummy – Joanna Kam

Comedia Joanne Kam

Comedia Joanne Kam

Laugh Die You – The Karaoke

Being Malaysia’s queen of comedy, Joanne Kam has a vibrant personality that can make anyone laugh instantly. Over the years, the explosion of her talent on stage has also propelled the success of Kuala Lumpur’s first cabaret club named the Boom Boom Boom. Honoured to speak to her at the Laugh Die Me Press Conference, Joanna shares with us the challenges she faced doing stand up comedy and also being a single mother in this interview.

When asked what are the challenges she faced in Laugh Die You – The Karaoke comedy which is coming to Singapore at Resort World Sentosa on the 9th and 10th July, Joanne Kam lamented, “Well, I am singing a song for my opening sequence with the band so that could be a challenge on its own as usually I employ singers to sing in my show but this time, I have to do it!” Won’t it be really exciting to see this femme extraordinaire sings?

We believe the ultimate fear of most comedians is when nobody laughs at their jokes. When asked how she will deal with this situation, Joanna said, “I would speak in a different language or just continue without losing composure!” It seems extremely difficult to carry that out when facing hundreds of people but we don’t think she will ever face this dilemma, as the audience just could not get enough of her candid jokes!

Prior to this interview, we read a lot about Joanna’s decision to become a single mother. Braving all challenges and unspoken stigma that are tagged to single mums, she embraced it all. “There are a lot of planning and adjustment to do between work and my kid, but you always need to remember that you allocate time not only for your kids but also for yourself too as at the end of the day if you’re not happy, nothing else matters.”

Last but not least, her last piece of advice for anyone who wants to get into stand up comedy is “rehearse your jokes and perform at any chance you get. Write from you own personal experience and have the thickest skin ever!”

Don’t we just love her?


Laugh Die You –The Karaoke

Date: 9 and 10 July

Venue: Resort World Theatre

Tickets: Platinum ($350), VIP ($158), Gold ($128), Silver ($98) and Bronze ($68)

Available starting from 31 May 2016 through SISTIC Box Offices

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