True Love has Nothing to Hide

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It’s Valentine’s Day today *cue Love is in the Air* and it’s awfully cold today- hee… *wink* what a great excuse to hug your loved ones so tight they can’t even breathe. On this special date night, you will see many couples exchanging flowers, chocolates, gifts or kisses with each other openly.

Dear Bfs & hubbies, if you don’t bother doing anything for this day, you may be blacklisted by your partners and their girlies- so if you have forgotten to get something, you can hop over to Royce to buy some chocolates or Swatch now to get the Vday watch or be prepared for a earful til the next Valentine’s Day (to redeem yourself).

True Love has Nothing to Hide


A LA FOLIEI came back to Singapore and did a little bit of digging on the web and found that Swatch has created A la Folie  specially for today.  The A la Folie Valentine’s Day Special comes in special packaging with a charming variation on the open-heart theme. A round, pink ball has a smooth white heart on the surface, but a closer look shows the heart is a window onto A la Folie – True love is here, for all to see.

My take on Valentine’s Day: True Love has nothing to hide and it is V day everyday *except we receive more gifts today* 😉

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