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We need people to volunteer as TP (Train Police)!!!

I understood the elderly needed to sit but I didn’t think being pregnant would have the privilege to that corner seat in the train until I had this back breaking experience last week. I boarded the train at Cityhall during peak hour and only got a seat at Bedok because the lady who took the reserved seating pretended to read the newspaper and ignored my existence.  Thankfully, I remembered the back relief posture taught in my pre-natal yoga class and did it until Bedok station.

Last sunday, I boarded the train at Pasir Ris and I didn’t get a seat (because I am pregnant and walked too slow as usual), 4 ladies (not local) took the reserved seating.   I got a seat because a man left his bags to be seated and he kindly removed them for me to sit.  I kept giving the ladies the evil eye but they didnt feel a tinge of embarrassment at all.  When the trained stopped at Simei, a lady with her baby and elderly mother (obviously she felt her elderly mother needed the seat) came onboard and she pointed to the reserved seating signed and then asked the ladies if the seat was meant for them.


It worked! They got up and gave the seat out of embarrassement!  So I tried that when I got off the train to transfer to the NS line to Orchard.  It worked as well 😉

One should step up to be the TP and ask the obvious question (to those people occupying the reserved seating and refuse to give it up) if there are people more need that seat reserved seating or do that Burger King chicken thing;)



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