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Your Ultimate Resource for Spring Cleaning this Lunar New Year

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

As we all eagerly await the coming of the Year of the Ox, it’s crucial that we’re well-prepared to welcome good luck, health, prosperity, and all other good things that this new beginning has to offer. Besides, with everything that has happened in 2020, who wouldn’t want to set the right tone for the next 12 months?

In order to start the year on the right foot, Chinese New Year preparations begin weeks in advance. Cleaning the house is an essential part of these preparations — we’re simply making sure that our home is free of clutter to make room for better things to come. It may not be the simplest nor the most enjoyable of tasks, but it definitely makes the celebrations all the more meaningful and enjoyable.

So as we all endeavour to finish our spring cleaning before the arrival of the Lunar New Year, here are some tools, products, promotions and services that can help you with your chores:

1. Enjoy great savings with BHG’s Purchase-with-Purchase

Although 2021 has just started, it is never too early to prepare for Chinese New Year! Look no further as BHG is bringing some crazy store-wide purchase-with-purchase deals over the next three weeks right to your doorsteps!

With a minimum spend of $100, you can bag the following bargains at irresistibly discounted prices of up to 80% off. BHG members, you only have to spend $80 to enjoy these savings!

Week One (from 8 January)

The first thing on the agenda for every family in preparation for the festive season is spring cleaning, but even our cleaning tools need to be retired too. Check out these essentials that you can bring home in just a fraction of the price!

L to R: Simplehuman 4.5L Round Step Bin – PWP Price $38 (U.P $69); T0 Spin Mop with 2 Refills – PWP Price $56 (U.P $75.90)
LIVIN’ Storage Boxes – PWP Price $28 (U.P $39.70)

Say goodbye to a tired body! Be it for a loved one or yourself, you can count on this orthopaedic pillow to set your body right for the new year.  

True Rest By Livin’ Orthopedic Pillow – PWP Price $48 (U.P $169)

Week Two (from 15 January)

Now that we are done with cleaning the house, it is time to prepare for another major task – preparing food! As families come together to cook up delicacies, these items will come in handy to make everything much easier, leaving more time for bonding.

L to R: Corelle 4pc Start Set in Sakura – PWP Price $38 (U.P $75); Double Lock Food Keeper 8pc Set – PWP Price $12 (U.P $19.90)
L to R: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Instant Pot -PWP Price $188 (U.P $239); Mistral Induction Cooker with SS Pot – PWP Price $38 (U.P $89)

Week Three (from 22 January)

Food is a major family activity during the Chinese New Year period. Say no more to fighting over food as these versatile pots can handle everyone’s cravings.

L to R: 3.0L Toughened Claypot – PWP Price $28 (U.P $149); Mistral Electric Grill with Hot Pot – PWP Price $48 (U.P $108)
WMF Diadem Plus 3pc Cookware Set – PWP Price $68 (U.P $209)

Disney fans rejoice! These spacious storage boxes can be the next home to just about anything. They also come in different designs to suit everyone’s palate. 

Houze Disney Geometric Storage Box 15L & 40L – PWP Price $38 (U.P $69)

Voucher Giveaway

What’s more, up to $40,000 worth of vouchers are to be given away when you shop your CNY needs with BHG from 15-17 and 22-24 January! 

  • Spend $80* & get $8 BHG voucher
  • Spend $160* & get $18 BHG voucher
  • Spend $260* & get $38 BHG voucher

*Terms & Conditions apply, while vouchers last.

2. Carousell Spring-Cleans Homes for FREE this Chinese New Year

As the choice mobile classifieds marketplace who has celebrated eight New Years with Singapore, Carousell is here to share a step-by-step guide on how Singaporeans should start the year of the Ox (Niu) afresh! #NiuYearNewMe

Win a Spring-Cleaning Session

Nothing spells a fresh start like a clean home does.

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. Carousell wants to continue the spirit of giving by providing a fresh start this new year. Nominate anyone, yourself included, who has been tirelessly working throughout 2020, or has had a particularly rough year and may need a little help putting the spring back in spring-cleaning in 2021.

Ten well-deserving nominees will have their house fully cleaned by Carousell’s Home Services, for free.

Click here to submit your entry by 30 January 2021!

Declutter and Give for Karma Points

Decluttering is as easy as snapping a picture. But if you’re in a rush to throw, try listing your items on Carousell for free instead. Your item will be snatched up under an hour – the median time to receive chats on a free listing is a mere 34 minutes!

You even get to see each user’s heartfelt reasons as to why they need your free item (right in the feels).

Get Festive!


Last but certainly not least, it’s time to celebrate the good tidings of a new year!


Ring in an Ox-picious New Year with these adorable chubby Ox-shaped pineapple tarts from home bakers on Carousell #supportlocal

While visiting (in small and safe groups) with these goodies in hand, make sure you’re decked in your New Year best, including a new mask! Keep it simple with a slinky customised red mask with your initials, or switch it up with a trendy and unorthod-Ox mask.


3. Keep Your Laundry Soft, Clean, and Bacteria-Free with Comfort and Persil

As Singapore enters a new normal in phase 3, keep your family safe with lasting germ protection on your fabrics with the new Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener and Persil Anti Bacterial Liquid Detergent.

Get Ultimate Freshness and Anti-Bacterial Power with  The NEW Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener

Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener  1.5L; S$7.95

Keep your laundry soft, fresh-smelling, and bacteria-free with Comfort  Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener. Not only does this fabric softener make your newly-washed clothes  smell heavenly with its crisp light mix of Tea Tree Oil and Yuzu extracts, but it also protects your clothing’s  fibres to avoid them from overstretching and keeps them oh-so-soft. This mighty fabric softener will keep your clothes and sheets smelling clean and fresh

More important than ever, the new Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener has an added benefit to  help keep your clothes clean and sanitised, effectively removing 99.9% of bacteria to protect you and  your loved ones from harmful germs. It is also suitable for those with sensitive skin as this product is  dermatologically tested. No need to worry about dry, chaffed or itchy skin!

This concentrated fabric softener delivers lasting germ protection on your fabrics while keeping it extra soft and fresh with an uplifting scent. 

  • Uplifting freshness with tea tree oil and yuzu extracts 99.9% Anti-bacterial for lasting germ protection Protects fabric from malodors like food, smoke,  pollution, sweat and mustiness 
  • Amazing softness and fabric shape retention 
  • Anti-wrinkle for easier ironing 
  • Dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin 

Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener is now available at Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC FairPrice,  Redmart, Shengsiong and Watsons Online store.

Persil – The Front Load Expert

Persil is a well-trusted brand that provides superior care to your fabric and front load washing  machine. It is developed to keep your clothes extra fresh and clean while protecting your washing  machine from damage.

With its low sud formulation, Persil is recognised as the ‘Front Load Expert’ and is widely recommended by machine manufacturers for front load washing machines. Low sud detergents are ideal for front-loading washers as less water is used (as compared to top load machines).

Specially made to deliver care to you, your clothes, and your machine, the Persil Anti-Bacterial Liquid  Detergent boasts a powerful stain removal formula. Not only does this mighty liquid detergent zap away tough stains, but it is also formulated with Advanced-Germshield technology which kills 99.9% of bacteria. Now you can effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria on your clothes and keep your loved ones safe from uninvited germs. 

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and keep your clothes in good shape with the power of Persil. Persil’s full range of laundry detergents includes the Persil Anti-Bacterial Liquid Detergent, Persil Superior  Clothes Care Detergent, and Persil Sensitive Liquid Detergent.

4. Bosch’s Cheat Sheet to Spring Cleaning for Chinese New Year

Out with the old and in with the new — it’s that time again when we give our homes a deep clean and declutter to make space for Lunar New Year! If you’ve been putting it off due to a busy schedule, here are Bosch Home Appliances’ tips to achieving a sparkling clean home in half the time.

Skip the wires while vacuuming

Bosch cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner

Much of our time spent during vacuuming is manoeuvring the wires, plugging and unplugging the vacuum cleaner into sockets. Avoid that cumbersome process when you do your spring cleaning for Chinese New Year by using a cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner, such as the Bosch Unlimited Series 6!

It comes with extendable runtime – perfect for fully cleaning up a home, without having to recharge the batteries. For a really thorough clean before the Lunar New Year, make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies that might otherwise be forgotten during a typical weekly vacuum.

Leverage your washing machine functions

Bosch washing machine and dryer

With 89% of Singapore homeowners saying they believe hygiene is of extreme importance since the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s important to give those often forgotten curtains and sofa covers a hygienic wash before the Lunar New Year!

The Bosch Serie 8 washing machine comes with an ActiveOxygen feature, allowing you to wash sensitive materials at low washing temperatures while killing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The washing machine’s VarioDrum component also ensures even water distribution which allows for outstanding washing results.

Multi-task with the dishwasher

Bosch dishwasher with a full load for spring cleaning for Chinese New Year

A dishwasher makes it easy to multitask — while you are busy with other chores for spring cleaning for Chinese New Year, simply load your dirty dishes into the dishwasher and let it do the work!

Take this opportunity to also run maintenance wash on an empty load. It takes almost no time at all: simply choose the handy Machine Care program with the highest rinse temperature on our Bosch Serie 6 fully-integrated dishwasher and add in our Bosch dishwasher cleaner to remove any grease and limescale build-ups. Repeat every 3 months to keep your dishwasher running at its best!

Armed with these tips, embrace the season with the best help for your home. All Bosch products featured below are available in stores exclusively at the Bosch UnserHaus Experience Centre, Bosch e-Store, and selected retailers Harvey Norman, Courts and Gain City.

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