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7 eleven luckycon plushies - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Singapore unveils exclusive ‘Luckycon’ collection so cute it is hard to resist.

As part of their bi-annual customer loyalty programme, 7-Eleven launches its very own line of ‘Luckycon’ Plushies for the first time. 7-Eleven Singapore customers can look out for the limited-edition range of Luckycon Plushies from 22 February to 21 March 2017 at 7-Eleven stores by just topping up $3.90 when making purchases. 

The Luckycons were specially created by 7-Eleven Singapore are an amalgamation of Lucky + Icons, it is part of its new imagery reflecting products and services offered by the new 7-Eleven generation stores which were unveiled in September 2016. A total of 7 adorable and brightly coloured Luckycon Plush toy designs have been launched – an Onigiri, a Sandwich, a Big Gulp, a Slurpee, a 7-cuppa coffee cup, a Self-Help Kiosk, and the upcoming 7-Eleven Mobile App! 

7 eleven luckycon onigiri - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Luckycon Onigiri

7 eleven luckycon sandwich - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Luckycon Sandwich

7 eleven luckycon big gulp - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Luckycon Big Gulp

7 eleven luckycon slurpee - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Luckycon Slurpee

7 eleven luckycon 7 cuppa coffee - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Luckycon 7 Cuppa Coffee

7 eleven luckycon self help kiosk - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Luckycon Self-Help Kiosk

7 eleven luckycon mobile app - 7-Eleven Luckycon Collection

7-Eleven Luckycon Mobile App

These adorable 7-Eleven Luckycon stuffed toys comes with any purchase at 7-Eleven stores and topping up of $3.90. The Lukycon toy comes in non-character specific packages and are non-exchangeable. This promotion is available while stocks last.

Mr Crispian Leong, head of marketing at 7-Eleven Singapore says: “We came up with the Luckycons as an adorable mnemonic to showcase the wide range of new services and products at our new generation stores. We received many compliments on how adorable each design was and we decided to translate these into our very own line of plush toys for our loyalty programme this year.”

This is the first time the 24-hour 7-Eleven chain store is commissioning its very own Luckycon soft toy collection. The 7-Eleven bi-annual customer loyalty programme has seen exclusive merchandise created with carefully selected partners such as Sanrio, Tokidoki, and Disney and they are so adorable one needs to get. Now, we have negotiate with Bubba which Luckycon we get. 


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