boy in front of laptop attending online classes for kids

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Learning For Kids in 2021

While workplaces and schools continue to be closed in the extended circuit breaker period, education still lives on — this is because, without a doubt, the children’s need for learning has to be fulfilled and the development of these bright young minds has to be continued. Nonetheless, these lessons should not come at the expense […]

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education portal on financial literacy for kids

St. James’s Place Launches Online Portal to Promote Financial Literacy for Kids

As we watch our children grow, we can’t help but be reminded of our own childhood experiences and the life skills that would have been useful to learn back then. It’s this realization that drives us to equip our kids with the practical knowledge we think they would need later on, and these include money […]

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ELLE Baby and ELLE kids products

ELLE Baby and ELLE kids: The Gentlest Products for Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

For parents, particularly those with newborns, it can be quite concerning to find your baby with skin rash or even seeing that your baby’s skin is dry. With a whole lot of factors — from temperature changes, sweating, detergents, clothing and diapers, to name a few  — that can bring stress to a baby’s sensitive […]

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Book Bugs Poster

Reading Has Never Been So Enjoyable: Book Bugs is Back for Another Edition!

With the technology that we have right now, reading books is never quite the same for children. Who would have thought that a card game and other activities for kids could be effective in developing their love for reading? Well, it has surely made reading an enjoyable experience, which is a good thing for our […]

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baby looking at teether toys from his bed

Gem Biscuits and Bubble Tea For Infants? Finding the Best Teether for Babies

As they grow, babies have to go through the natural process of teething. While it is normal for babies to feel some level of pain at this stage, it can be a challenging and painful experience for both parents and babies. As the teeth break through the gums in stages, your baby might show several […]

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science-centre-Butteflies Up-Close

Fun & Educational Activities At The Singapore Science Centre

It’s not everyday that we get to have fun while learning. This coming weekend, why not spend some quality family time with your little ones while learning some new quirky scientific facts? Check out Science Centre Singapore as they are presenting us a slew of digital-focused, STEM-based events that will continue to inspire and engage […]

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Is Homeschooling for Me and My Child?

In some places homeschooling is not allowed. In some places it is highly regulated. In other places there are minimum state standards or no standards. The United States is a hodgepodge from no regulations to strict regulations. In Germany homeschooling is illegal! Homeschooling is slowing becoming a popular educational option for families in Singapore. Homeschooling is […]

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